Chamonix Hotel La Sapiniere

Schedule: August 11-13, 23, 3 days and 2 nights
Cost: 2 nights and 3 days total 493.6 EUR (double room, 2 adults, mountain view, breakfast included)
Reservation: Official website
Surroundings: Brevent gondola and QC terme are all within 15 minutes walk.
The first journey may feel long.
From Mont Blanc Station, you can get there just after passing the central square where the church and post office are located.

Since you usually purchase a multi-pass, you can just take the bus and get off at a nearby station.
Perhaps because the accommodation prices are cheaper than those in the city center, QC terme discount coupons and free bus tickets are not provided.
It’s quiet because it’s away from the city.
I used the jacuzzi in the auxiliary facility (free of charge) and it was installed outdoors.
It seemed like the jacuzzi wasn’t cleaned well (lime stains on the walls..).
Using the jacuzzi is not recommended.
The building itself is old, so it can be noisy if you stay in the room during cleaning time.
But there was no noise at night.
The staff are very friendly.
On the second night, I didn’t know the bar was closed so I ordered a beer and got two for free.
There was nothing special about breakfast, just coffee, juice, bread, sausage, bacon, eggs, fruit, cheese, yogurt, butter, jam… It was basic American style.
The baguette bread was delicious.

The mountain view room is the most basic of the room categories.
It was a bit disappointing that there was no refrigerator.
You can see the Aiguille de Midi observatory and the Mont Blanc mountain range.Image


There was nothing special about the amenities, but there was hand soap, portable hand sanitizer, shampoo, and shower gel.Image


The view from the terrace of the accommodation room.
The Brevent Observatory is a paragliding hot spot, so many people come down to the hotel.
The gondola starts and goes down all day until it ends.
There are people running alone and people using tour products.Image

Around 10 AM towards Brevent Lookout.
Personally, it seemed like there were a lot more people paragliding than in Interlaken.
It may be cheaper in terms of price.
There were 3 times more than the actual photo.

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