Be careful when paying with cash in a Rome taxi😡😡😡


​I was going by taxi today, but there was traffic.

I thought, “What should I do?” and said, “Let’s go for 30 euros.

”​Uber said it was 15-20 euros.

But Uber didn’t come for 10 minutes and Tabachi was closed, so I couldn’t take the bus, so I took a taxi.

​When I tried to get off, they said they didn’t accept credit cards and asked for cash.

I gave them two 20 euros, but they exchanged one for 5 euros.

They only gave me 25 euros, so they asked me to pay 5 more euros 😡😡​Before that, he was talking in English and pretending to be a nice person, but when he was trying to scam people, he suddenly pretendedthat he couldn’t speak English and spoke Italian!​I protested strongly and searched through the guy’s hands, looking for 20 euros, but he gave me 10 euros.

​Did you think it was easy because it was just a group of women?​When I got off the taxi, the man opened the door for me.

I could have been bullied, but it was scary to think about it.

​When I rode Uber, I was annoyed because they paid 5-6 euros more than the meter as they wanted.

​Even catching a taxi on the long road seems like trash.