2023 Budget Stays: Paris Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

Paris Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Review

This article is a review of the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel and includes information about things to enjoy around Paris.

This article is a reviewThe Eiffel Tower The most

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Review

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views

Basic Information about the Hotel

  • Name of the accommodation: Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel
  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Accommodation cost: The accommodation cost varies depending on the type of room and the dates of stay. However, the average cost per night at Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is approximately $250 USD.

Location & Accessibility

  • Location: Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is located near the Eiffel Tower, providing stunning views of the iconic landmark.
  • Distance from station (terminal): The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance from the Bir-Hakeim subway station, making it easily accessible for guests.

Features & Satisfaction of the Accommodation

  • Overall rating: Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is highly rated among travelers, receiving an overall rating of 9 out of 10.
  • Satisfaction: Guests are satisfied with the accommodations and the services provided by the hotel.

Additional Tips & Other Information

  • Pros and Cons of the hotel: One of the main advantages of staying at Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower from many of the rooms. The hotel staff are known for their exceptional level of friendliness and attentiveness. However, one minor inconvenience reported by guests is occasional issues with room keys.
  • Amenities in the room: The rooms at Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel are well-equipped with modern amenities such as a TV, hairdryer, and a safe for storing valuables. Additionally, guests will find a smartphone provided, offering information on local attractions and restaurants.
  • Special services provided by the hotel: The hotel offers a delicious breakfast included in the room rate. Guests can also enjoy free Wi-Fi access throughout the entire hotel.

Attractions near Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

First Recommended Place

The Eiffel Tower

The most iconic landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is located just a short walk away from Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the tower’s observation decks and even have a romantic dinner at the upscale restaurant on the top floor. Don’t forget to take amazing photos to capture your memories!

Second Recommended Place

Trocadéro Gardens

Located across the Seine River from the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro Gardens offers a stunning view of the iconic landmark. The garden is beautifully landscaped and features fountains, sculptures, and lush greenery. It’s a great place to relax, have a picnic, or simply admire the beauty of the Eiffel Tower.

Third Recommended Place

River Seine Boat Cruises

Experience the charm of Paris and its famous landmarks from a different perspective by taking a boat cruise along the River Seine. Several companies offer guided tours that allow you to admire the city’s iconic sights, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, and many more, all while enjoying a leisurely ride on the river.