Visionapartments berlin, Berlin, Germany

Accommodation name:
Visionapartments berlin
Number of stays:
3 nights
Location (How to get there):
5-7 minutes walk from Alexsanderplatz Station / There is a tram right in front.
Price: 330,000 won for 3 nights
Meals and cooking:
No simple cooking possible.
Availability of toilet (shower room):
Facilities and cleanliness: 4/5 out of 5
Internal rule: I don’t think there is such a thing.
Friendliness of the staff: There was no staff and the room password was sent on the same day.
Surrounding environment: Close to Alexa Square, but there is nothing around.
Pros: Just so-so
Cons: Right in front of the road
The view is a road view and the lower floor.
Once assigned, you can see it from the outside. The location is a bit ambiguous for the price.
Who would like this accommodation?
Well, okay
How would you rate it?

Although it is near the Mitte district, the location seems to be somewhat ambiguous.
There is no park where you can take a quick walk around the accommodation in the morning or evening, and it is difficult to walk to the center of Mitte.
It seems to be a somewhat remote location.
I made a reservation at the Monji Hotel for a similar price, but I think the Monji Hotel would be better for its location.

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