Unique Stays at Paris Maison FL 2023

Paris Maison FL Review

This article is a review of the ‘Maisonfl Hotel’ and includes information about things to enjoy around Paris.

This article is a reviewLocated just a 2-minute walk

‘Maisonfl Hotel’ Review

You'll find a wide rangeAlso within a 2-minute walk

Basic Information about the Hotel

  • Name of the accommodation: Maisonfl Hotel
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Accommodation cost: $150 per night (approx.)

They offer a variety ofIf you're looking to indulge

Location & Accessibility

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Distance from station (terminal): Maisonfl Hotel is conveniently located within a 2-minute walk from a train station.

Features & Satisfaction of the Accommodation

  • Overall rating: Maisonfl Hotel offers a comfortable and pleasant stay for guests.
  • Satisfaction: Guests generally have positive experiences and find the hotel to be satisfactory.

Additional Tips & Other Information

  • Pros and Cons of the hotel: Maisonfl Hotel has a great location with easy access to supermarkets, pharmacies, and restaurants. However, there have been some issues with communication at the front desk and the room arrangements.
  • Amenities in the room: The rooms at Maisonfl Hotel are equipped with basic amenities including comfortable beds and a private shower.
  • Special services provided by the hotel: Maisonfl Hotel offers luggage storage for guests who need to store their bags after check-out.

Attractions near Maisonfl Hotel

First Recommended Place: Supermarket

Located just a 2-minute walk from Maisonfl Hotel, the supermarket is a convenient place to stock up on essential items during your stay. You’ll find a wide range of products, from groceries to toiletries, making it easy to find everything you need.

Second Recommended Place: Pharmacy

Also within a 2-minute walk from Maisonfl Hotel, the pharmacy is a great resource for any medical needs or emergencies that may arise during your trip. They offer a variety of over-the-counter medications, as well as prescription services, ensuring you have access to proper healthcare while staying in the area.

Third Recommended Place: Restaurants

If you’re looking to indulge in some delicious cuisine, you won’t have to go far. There are several restaurants in the vicinity of Maisonfl Hotel, offering a variety of international and local dishes to satisfy any craving. From cozy cafes to fine dining establishments, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options.