Traveling to Italy with my middle school friend (Florence)

I left behind the disappointment of Venice and moved to Florence.

A different atmosphere from Milan and Venice.

Upon arrival at the accommodation, leave your luggage and get a feel for the atmosphere of Florence.

I try walkingThe bell tower cupola of San Marco Cathedral, which was only seen on TV.

Where else can you see architecture like this?It is a truly unique building.

During our four nights in Florence, we were able to wander around San Marco endlessly and admire it day and night.

Florence is a small city, so I walked and only used the bus once to get to Piazzale Michelangelo.

You can use the atbus app without purchasing a ticket, but we used it after purchasing a bus ticket.

The sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo was really good.

I recommend it.

You can use the Cupola according to the reservation time with the Brunelles Ski Pass, and visit San Marco Cathedral + Giotto’s Bell Tower + Duomo Opera Museum + San Giovanni Serre + Basilica of Santa ReparatiEveryone used it.

You can use it once within 3 days!!It is available as a mail-on ticket.

The stairs are a bit difficult, but once you climb up and look down, the difficulty goes away.

I went to Pisa for half a day.

To climb the Leaning Tower Observatory, I booked a ticket in advance in Korea, left all my luggage behind, and was able to climb.

The Leaning Tower was tilted, so my body tilted while climbing.

I kept taking proof photos in Pisa that everyone says haha.

really!!I had a ticket to go to KEPCO after transferring at Pisa Central Station, but it didn’t show up for more than 10 minutes and I ended up canceling it!!I quickly bought another bus ticket and took the bus.

The slightly cloudy sky becomes warmer with the sun shining.

I take off my outer clothes and walk to Jungung Station.

Why does the city feel a bit Southeast Asian?I crossed the Ponte Vacchio and visited Boboli Park.

Recommended if you have time.

It was even more impressive because it was a place that showed a rainbow to my child.

I heard that the tripe burger at the leather market is famous, so I tried it, but it was so so so.

I actually liked the pig’s feet-flavored sandwich I ate while passing by the smell while passing by.

Thumbs up with my son hahaI made a reservation through the Fork app to eat the steak and received a 20% discount.

Be sure to check the receipt before paying.

At first, they gave me a non-discounted bill and when I told them, they gave me a discount.

The steak I ate in Venice tasted a little better~~During the 5 days we stayed, it rained briefly once and it was a bit windy, but there was a hot pack so it was warm, so it’s a must for winter travel!!I heard that leather is famous, so I looked around several leather workshops and bought a wallet and belt from the one I liked.

I paid an additional fee and had my initials engraved on the wallet, but people and children said they liked it, so I didn’t buy mine because I didn’t like it that much.

They gave me TAX FREEI visited the Santa Novella store and got free TAX after purchasing this and that.

But it’s heavy ㅠㅠOn the last day in Florence, my child was hungry for kimchi stew, so we went to a Korean restaurant and it was so cheap.

Hotel Globus in FlorenceWalkable from the station.

Free breakfast.

Room cleanlinessHowever, the shower is not long and is a bit inconvenient?degreeI intend to visit againLeaving behind 4 nights in Florence, we are now heading to Rome.

Let’s try it here and there.

It’s the last time I moved to this place, but I won to go back three times.