Top Value-for-Money Accommodations of 2023 in Dublersumhibiya

Review of Dublersumhibiya

Accommodation Name (Grade): The Blossom Hibiya (The Blossom Hibiya)

Location: Shimbashi

Distance to the nearest station: 5 minutes

My Rating: ★★★★★

Type of Accommodation: Superior Twin

Accommodation Cost: $314,982 for 2 nights

Reservation made through:

Breakfast included: Not included

Ambience of the surroundings:

I stayed at The Blossom Hibiya with my 8-year-old child for 2 nights. The cleanliness, excellent view, and overall satisfaction were very pleasing. The bathtub was spacious and deep, which was highly satisfying. The mattress, however, was a bit firm. The location is advantageous as it is close to both the subway station and JR Shimbashi Station.

Based on your stay at The Blossom Hibiya, I’m glad to hear that you found the cleanliness, excellent view, and overall satisfaction to be very pleasing. The spacious and deep bathtub sounds like a wonderful amenity for a relaxing stay. However, I understand that the firm mattress may have been a slight inconvenience for your comfort.

One of the advantages of the accommodation is its advantageous location near the subway station and JR Shimbashi Station. This offers convenient access to various tourist attractions and activities in the vicinity. Below are a few recommended options for you to explore during your stay:

1. Hibiya Park: Just a short walk from The Blossom Hibiya, Hibiya Park is a spacious green oasis in the heart of Tokyo. It offers a serene environment for both leisurely strolls and picnic outings. The park also hosts seasonal events and festivals, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.

2. Tsukiji Fish Market: If you’re a food enthusiast, a visit to the vibrant Tsukiji Fish Market is a must. This famous seafood market, located nearby, offers an array of fresh fish, sushi, and other delectable seafood delicacies. You can also participate in a guided tour to learn about the market’s history and observe the lively auction scene.

3. Ginza Shopping District: Get ready for a shopping extravaganza at Ginza, just a short distance from The Blossom Hibiya. Known for its upscale boutiques, department stores, and luxury shopping, Ginza is a paradise for fashion enthusiasts and those looking for high-quality products. Additionally, the district boasts a wide selection of gourmet restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues to enjoy.

4. Tokyo Tower: Rising amidst the city skyline, Tokyo Tower is an iconic landmark and a popular tourist attraction. From its observation decks, you can marvel at panoramic views of Tokyo’s sprawling cityscape. Enjoy the sunset or visit during the evening to witness the city shimmering with lights. For a romantic touch, consider dining at one of the tower’s restaurants.

5. Imperial Palace: History enthusiasts will appreciate a visit to the Imperial Palace, the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. While you may not be able to enter the inner palace grounds, you can explore the beautiful East Gardens. These gardens offer tranquil walking paths, meticulously manicured landscapes, and historic ruins to admire.

These are just a few recommendations to get you started on your exploration of Tokyo while staying at The Blossom Hibiya. Whether you’re seeking cultural experiences, shopping delights, or serene natural surroundings, this vibrant city has something for everyone. Enjoy your stay and have a memorable time discovering the wonders of Tokyo!