This is a review of our honeymoon trip to Rome and Florence.

helloWhen I returned home last week, I felt so tired and unwell, so I guess it was jet lag.

I had a safe trip.

If you are worried/I have a lot of things to worry about, I am leaving a review to share information.

It might not be helpful,,^^.

*I read a few posts before writing this and I see that you are having a hard time with pickpockets.

*Overseas travel experience total: 1 month in Spain/ This was my husband’s first trip with a passport.

​* 4 nights in Rome, 3 nights in Florence, 1 night in Assisi* Total cost.


First of all, the credit card statement alone exceeded 3 million.

(I only wrote it when I went to Italy)- Airplane for 2 people 2.

6 million won- 570,000 won for two accommodations paid in Korea, 370,000 won for carriers/straps/bags/bedding/adapters, etc.

– What is the amount of the card used by my husband overseas??Anyway, I think it will be around 10 million won.

* Fortunately, there were no pickpockets or bed bugs.

* Disposable bedding sheets are not used, toilet covers are not used (in places where there is no cover, just hold your breath,, ^^,,,)​* Brief reviews of hostels and hotels (in date order)- Evening arrival Rome Freedom Love B&B (1 night) 97 Euros (approximately 140,000 won): Conditions of a typical motel in Korea or lower (depending on individual differences) / Cold but slightly humid, friendly staff, simple breakfast, near Termini Station- The Rome Hello (3 nights) 353 euros (about 480,000 won, no city tax): Clean, no noise in the last room, daily cleaning, common kitchen available (clean), breakfast available for one day (it costs 7 euros, but it’s a waste): The new shower filter has turned yellow after using it for 3 days.

: The heater works well and dries, the refrigerator is good, and it is impossible to leave luggage when leaving.

: Near Termini Station​- Go to Florence and stay at Adler cavalieri hotel (2 nights) (approximately 300,000 won) – The number one accommodation in my heart: Florence, definitely recommended if you like antique sensibility!: 5 minutes from Santa Maria Novella train station, close to Santa Maria Novella pharmacy: Disposable slippers, amenities, dryer, refrigerator, safe, shower head is not detachable, so filter cannot be used.

: The best breakfast!, the staff in charge of the breakfast bar are very friendly, it feels like you are wearing a suit and using a real old hotel bar.

: The downside is that the room is small.

If you get the expensive type, you will have room to spare.

: I bought a bowl.

I was eating breakfast, but my eyes were focused on the bowl rather than the food.

(I didn’t know, but the bowl brand Richard Ginori was on it.

Maybe it was a collaboration with the hotel? I guess they did something.

) I had a hard time carrying the bowl.



– Florence Grand Duomo Charming Accommodation Hotel (1 night) (approximately 400,000 won)1 night of luxury with a view of the Duomo Cathedral: I decided to stay at another accommodation for one night.

: Very good!!When I opened my eyes, a picture-like scenery unfolded, so I had an unreal day.

: Top cleanliness, slippers, amenities, hair dryer, refrigerator, private kitchen, terrace, honeymoon service champagne, breakfast (croissants provided): Both water and milk are provided (maybe because it was a honeymoon.

I think water is provided as standard) – Last day, Il Palazzo, Assisi (1 night) (approximately 180,000 won): Here too, I chose the type with a terrace view and was assigned to the 3rd floor.

: I took a taxi from Assisi Train Station and went up for about 10 minutes.

: 도시에서 받은 스트레스 날리고 귀국하기에 아주 최고의 선택.

아씨시 아니어도 근교 지역에서 1박하고 귀국하세요.

옛날에 스페인 1달 여행(보름 순례길 걷고, 자유여행) 마치고 마지막날 마드리드에서 1박했는데, 너무 정신 사납고,, 힘들었던 기억이 있었어요.

이번 여행에서는 조용한 곳에서 여행을 마무리하면 좋을 것 같아 계획을 짰습니다.

보통 로마에서 아씨시 당일치기 여행 가시는데요, 저는 피렌체에서 아씨시 기차 타고 가서, 담날 아씨시에서 다시 로마 테르미니역으로 나왔습니다.

거리는 둘 모두 비슷해서, 루트 짜시기에 문제 없을 것 같아요.

: 숙소 창으로 바라본 야경,, 안개 낀 아침 풍경 잊혀지지 않습니다.

: 숙소를 기점으로 산 프란치스코 성당 가깝구요, 반대편 파르코 광장, 까먹었지만,, 성당, 골목 왔다갔다 하기 좋았어요.

* 로마에서의 숙소는 테르미니역 근처로 잡았는데, 다른 분들처럼 관광지 근처로 잡았다며 어땠을까 합니다.

아마, 로마 여행가서 트레비 분수 안가본 사람은 저희 뿐이겠죠.

ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ미련은 없어요.

, 워낙에 번잡한 곳을 좋아하지 않다보니,, 테르미니역 근처에도 엄청 큰 분수가 있더라고요,,,? 대리 만족.

ㅎㅎ사실, 바티칸 투어와 토스카나 지역 /와이너리 투어가 일정에 있어서 미팅 장소를 가기엔 테르미니역 쪽이 수월하였기 때문에 다른 선택의 여지가 없었기도 합니다.

​* 피렌체는 산타마리아노벨라 기차역 근처로 숙소를 잡든, 두오모 성당 근처로 잡든 어디든 상관없이 충분히 돌아다니기 좋았어요.

캐리어 들고 이동하기엔 영,, 근육통 옵니다.

​쓰다보니 숙소 관련해서만 이렇게 되었어요.

의도치 않게 다음 글로,, 넘어가볼게요.

​소매치기에 대응하는 우리, 관광 일정 등의 이야기가,, 나올 예정입니당.