The unique Elia Ermou hotel in Athens


Accommodation name
Elia Ermou Athens Hotel
Number of days of stay:
Location (How to get there):
Inside the alley as you come down from Piazza Santiago.
Toilet (shower room):
Facilities and cleanliness:
It was clean
Friendliness of the staff:
They were friendly
Surrounding environment:
Plaza Santiago
location, view
disadvantage :

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Athens Elia Ermou Hotel is located near Piazza Sant’amo.
It’s not far from the station or the airport bus stop.
The interior, a combination of black and red, looked unique.Image

Another unique thing about this hotel was that there were scales and dumbbells placed in the rooms.
I was already worried because I ate so well in Athens, but as expected…
With some awareness, lift the dumbbells a few times.Image


The advantage of this hotel is the Acropolis view.
I heard the restaurant was on the 7th floor and the view was like that.
If you stay in a room with a balcony, you will be able to enjoy the Acropolis view from your room.

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