The Best Stays are in Hakone Yamanochaya Ryokan: 2023 Recommended Accommodations

Review of Hakone Yamanochaya Ryokan

Just recently, I had the chance to go on a Tokyo trip, and I wanted to relax and heal at a ryokan while my child enjoyed Disneyland. So, I decided to choose Yamano Chaya, a accommodation that I really liked.

Just recently, I had theSo, I decided to choose

With my 6-year-old child, we planned a trip where we stayed at Disneyland for 2 nights, then 2 nights in Shibuya and 1 night in Hakone before returning to the same hotel in Shibuya for one more night. We arrived in Hakone around 2:30 pm, despite the light rain, we enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery and walked to Yamano Chaya. There was a section where the pedestrian path disappeared, but luckily we had a stroller, so the cars slowed down or stopped for us.

With my 6-year-old child, weWe arrived in Hakone around

It took about 15 minutes to walk up to Yamano Chaya, and when we arrived, the staff was very kind and came to the bridge to help us with our luggage. From the first impression, the staff was truly impressive!

It took about 15 minutesFrom the first impression, the

In terms of facilities, there were about 4 large public baths that changed depending on the time, and there was also a private outdoor bath that we could reserve (we used it as a separate bath the next morning). There were 2 more baths on the upper side, but one of them was under renovation during our stay. Apparently, there had been renovation work for about 3 days before we arrived.

In terms of facilities, thereThere were 2 more baths

We chose a room type with a bedroom on the second floor because I thought my child would enjoy it, but the stairs were a bit steep, so it might be risky for younger children. The room was cozy, and we especially liked the outdoor terrace on both the first and second floors.

We chose a room typeThe room was cozy, and

There was a semi-open-air bath in the room, and my child loved it so much that they kept going in and out of the bath. We also reserved the private bath and it was really nice.

There was a semi-open-air bathWe also reserved the private

The breakfast was well-prepared, and they even prepared a snack for us in the evening while we were watching TV. It was interesting to see a Korean travel show on the TV even though we were in Japan.

The breakfast was well-prepared, andIt was interesting to see

We enjoyed the public bath from the morning, and it felt like we were monopolizing it. The indoor bath was also clean and nice. I wanted to use the outdoor bath alone the previous night, but I was too tired after having a drink, so I couldn’t use it.

We enjoyed the public bathThe indoor bath was also

The breakfast was simple, and even the dessert was perfect.

The breakfast was simple, and

Although there aren’t many recent reviews for Yamano Chaya, it was a fantastic experience for us to enjoy an authentic ryokan experience. I had previously stayed at a ryokan called Sanso Warabino in Yufuin 7-8 years ago (which seems to be gone after a big typhoon), and that place felt more modern. However, Yamano Chaya had a more traditional atmosphere, and the staff were really friendly. It became a memorable experience for my child as well, so I wanted to leave this review.

Although there aren't many recentI had previously stayed at

I initially planned to purchase the Hakone Freepass and visit Shinjuku afterward, but after the ryokan experience, we were feeling tired and the rain was getting heavier, so we had to let go of the Hakone sightseeing plan and change the reservation at the last minute to return to Shinjuku. But Hakone is definitely a place I want to visit again!

I initially planned to purchaseBut Hakone is definitely a

The estimated accommodation cost for 2 people is around $900 USD.

The estimated accommodation cost for

During your stay at Yamano Chaya, there are several tourist attractions and activities nearby that I would recommend exploring. One popular attraction is the Hakone Open-Air Museum, which showcases a vast collection of sculptures set in beautiful outdoor gardens. It’s a great place to appreciate art while enjoying the surrounding natural scenery.

Another must-visit spot is Lake Ashi, renowned for its stunning views of Mount Fuji. You can take a leisurely boat ride across the lake and soak in the picturesque landscape. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try the Hakone Ropeway, a cable car ride that offers panoramic views of the volcanic Owakudani area. Here, you can witness active volcanic activity and even savor local specialty, black eggs, boiled in the natural hot springs.

For those interested in history and culture, a visit to the Hakone Shrine is highly recommended. This beautiful Shinto shrine is nestled in the forest and offers a serene atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and reflection. You can also take a walk along the historic Old Tokaido Road, an ancient highway that once connected Tokyo and Kyoto, and admire the traditional houses and landscapes along the way.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly activity, consider visiting the Hakone Pirate Ship. This themed cruise takes you across Lake Ashi on a replica pirate ship, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for both children and adults.

Lastly, don’t forget to indulge in the local cuisine. Hakone is known for its delicious traditional Japanese dishes, including hot spring steamed cuisine called “onsen tamago” and the savory “Hakone soba.” Exploring local restaurants and trying these regional specialties will surely enhance your overall Hakone experience.

Overall, while your original Hakone sightseeing plans may have changed, there are still plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy near Yamano Chaya. Whether it’s appreciating art at the Open-Air Museum, taking in the breathtaking views at Lake Ashi, or immersing yourself in the rich history and culture of Hakone, there is something for every visitor to enjoy.