Take the Cita bus at Amalfi base in southern Italy

helloAs I was preparing for my independent trip to southern Italy, it was difficult to understand the information about the Cita Bus, so I would like to summarize and share what I personally experienced.

​Cita Bus operates by route.

In Korea, just as there are bus numbers, if you look at the Cita Bus website, the routes are different for each number, but the numbers are not written on the exterior of the Cita Bus.

(This is why I was confused.

I will explain using the example I used.

I am 2 km from the Amalfi Coast.

I booked a lodging a bit far away, and even though there was a Cita bus stop right in front of the accommodation, I had to get off the Cita bus that took me from Salerno-Amalfi and transfer to a Cita bus between Amalfi and Sorrento.



Take the train from Rome to Salerno.

After purchasing a Cita bus ticket at Tabaki in Salerno Train Station, take the Cita Bus number 5120 from Salerno to Amalfi Coast.

When traveling from the Amalfi Coast to the accommodation, I purchased a 5070 Citabus ticket to Sorrento at Tabaki in front of the Amalfi Coast and transferred there.

Bus prices vary depending on the route.

​The bus numbers here are for ease of understanding, and since there are no bus numbers on the outside, even if they are called Cita buses, not all Cita buses are the same, and you have to purchase tickets with different prices depending on the section!​Please download the Citabus timetable for each section by following the QR code in the photo below (as of November 21, 2023).


※How to read the Citabus time tableIf you look at the picture below, you can see the alphabet written at the top.

As mentioned in the explanation, I think you can mainly watch F GS on weekdays.

Check the time according to the day of the week.


※Amalfi-Positano sectionMy accommodation is next to the conca-grotta smeraldo stop, next to Amalfi.

When I went to Positano, I was at that stop and the bus came 3 minutes earlier than the time posted.

(You need to wait at least 10 minutes in advance)​Positano almost gets off at a section called Sponda.

I think securing a seat on the Cita bus during peak season will be key.

If you are going from Positano to Sorrento, it will be easier to secure a seat if you take the Sponda instead of the Positano Nuova.

If you search for ‘posino sponda’ on Google Maps, it will appear.


​Lastly, as someone who was worried that there would be no place to put my luggage, I am sharing a photo of the inside of the Cita Bus.

As shown below, some buses have a luggage space in front of the exit door and some do not.

On buses that don’t have a place to leave luggage, there is some extra space behind the door to secure space for the exit door to open, so I left my luggage there and it wasn’t bad.



If you purchase a Citabus and put it in a punching machine, the date and time of use will be stamped to indicate whether or not it has been used.

It ended up being long because I focused on the parts I found difficult.

Everyone, don’t get confused and use it comfortably~~!!.