[Switzerland] Hotel Krebs Interlaken review Krebs interaken

It was the part I was most concerned about during my trip, so I looked into it a lot.
I’ve read a lot of reviews, so I’m sharing this to help in some small way!

✔ Accommodation name: Hotel Craps Interlaken
✔ Number of stays: 23.11.09 – 23.11.13 (4 nights)
✔ Location: 8 minutes walk from Interlaken West Station
✔ Price: Superior single room, 4 nights total 600,000-610,000 won (average per night 140,000-150,000 won)

✔Meals and cooking availability
– Breakfast was included
– The overall breakfast was nice and clean with lots of fruit.
– I brought an electric kettle and there was no problem cooking a simple dish of hetbahn or ramen.

✔ Whether there is a bathroom (shower room) or not
– The bathroom in the room was neat and clean.
– It felt a bit dry.

✔ Computer (with or without Wi-Fi)
– Free Wi-Fi available

✔ Facilities and cleanliness
– The rooms are overall clean and well-organized.
– The room was spacious enough for a single person to use, and there was no problem with unfolding the suitcase.
– The overall interior of the accommodation is warm.
– There was a table and chairs inside the room, so it was nice to bring something to eat.
– Everything you need is available, including a hair dryer, safe, amenities (toothbrush and toothpaste included), and slippers.
– If you purchase bottled beer because there is no bottle opener, you can ask for it in the lobby and they will open it for you.

✔ Internal rules
– It is no different from a regular hotel, but the emphasis is on washing only in the bathtub.
– Separately attached to the bathroom.
If there is damage due to water on the bathroom floor, you may be charged an amount.

✔ Surrounding environment
– It’s close to Interlaken West Station, so it’s good for taking the train.
– 30 minutes walk from Interlaken Ost Station (I walked once and it wasn’t difficult, but train or bus is recommended)
– There is a supermarket, McDonald’s, West Station, and a chocolate specialty store within a 10-minute walk nearby.

✔ Staff friendliness: Average.

✔ Advantages
– The station is close so it is easy to move around.
– The hotel overall is clean and not noisy.
– There is a table and chairs in the room, so it’s good to grab something to eat.

✔ Disadvantages
– There are no particular drawbacks.

✔ What kind of people would like this accommodation?
-Family or couple travelers

✔ Rating: A

Room photos

The bed is messy…
Please understand that I turned it over in case there were any traces of bed bugs… haha.
(No bed bugs found!) ​
The end of the fence is slightly broken…?
I was criticized…?
Anyway, that’s why I took a picture just in case.. hahaImage

The hotel overall is clean,,
There hasn’t been much controversy over bed bugs in Switzerland so far, but since Europe is in an uproar, there is also a lot of controversy in Switzerland.
Just in case, I turned the bed over and looked for it.

Of course, it is important to know who used it before.
I didn’t find any traces of bed bugs during my stay, just in case I didn’t know.
I am writing this review now in case I experience any late symptoms.

There were no late symptoms or anything discovered upon returning to Korea!

I recommend this hotel!

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