Stepping on Airbnb poop

As soon as I get there, I see this.

Sicily – Catania – In front of the cathedralI didn’t know this was the accommodation, so I just kept spinning around.

I trusted only the good reviews on Booking.

com and arrived in Sicily.

The front of the building was being painted ㅠㅠThe photo looks like that, but in reality, the current site sounds like a construction drill.

The concrete bushing is very loud.


Construction is crazy.

The problem is that too much cement powder flies.

There was a pile of powder on the stairs and it got on my sneakers.

In Europe, shoes are worn even indoors.

I have no choice but to bury the room.

They say cement powder is a carcinogen.

It’s bad, right?I saw the crumbs falling when I went up and down the stairs.

I hold my breath and cover my nose.


As soon as I arrived, I thought, what is this??This is what it looks like when you get close to the door.


omg,,,Then, let’s open the bathroom door on the other side.


When I went to the other sideThere was also construction in front of the bathroom – I only saw the legs of the construction worker.

They went back and forth.


Wow, I stepped on shit ㅠ ㅠIt’s a bit more stable now, but as soon as I checked in, I was so embarrassed.

of courseThere are also advantagesIt’s right in front of the cathedralIt’s really crowded and there are a lot of stores nearby that sell cheap vegetables and fruits.

There is a traditional market.





The local fish market is full of vegetables and fruits at very cheap prices.

I bought vegetables and fruits with both hands heavy.

It was so cheap that I rolled my eyes and even if I just bought this and that, it only cost about 13,000 won.

I had a hard time dragging the suitcase.

howeverWhen I went to the Airbnb kitchen, I realized that there were no proper cooking utensils ㅠ ㅠ.



Even if I want to use a knife, I only have a bread knife.

There is no bowl to wash the lettuce.

There are no pots or anything like that, only a microwave.

This means the host is telling you not to cook here.

​Anyway, I don’t do any cooking at all.

Since I eat greasy food outside, when I come back to the dorm, I only need to eat fresh vegetables, tomatoes, etc.

and wash up.

I don’t have a knife to peel an apple, so I just eat the peel.