Staying in Hotel Mystays Premier Hamamatsucho: Value-for-Money Reviews of 2023

Review of Hotel Mystays Premier Hamamatsucho

Hotel Name (Rating): Hotel Mystays Premier Hamamatsucho – Comfort Room (4 Stars)

Location: Hamamatsucho

Distance from stations: Within a 5-minute walk from Daimon and Hamamatsucho Stations

Recommended Score: 4.7/5

Accommodation Type: Hotel

Accommodation Cost: I made a reservation for two 4-person rooms via (AirTel) for around $800 per person. Currently, the hotel is charging around $150 per night for the same room.

Booked through: (AirTel)

Breakfast Included: No

Surrounding Atmosphere: It feels like a business district in Gangnam. There are plenty of locals, and apart from the hotel guests, there are hardly any tourists. It’s quiet and nice. There is a neighborhood mart, similar in size to 7-Eleven or Homeplus Express. Personally, I like Lawson, but it was a bit far, so that was the only downside for me.

Overall Satisfaction: I was extremely satisfied! I looked for the most spacious room because some people in our group are not comfortable with cramped spaces. I was a bit skeptical about the accuracy of the pictures on, expecting some sort of trickery, but the actual rooms were exactly like the photos. It was great! My mom is a bit sensitive to hotel odors, but she also loved it. The hotel had a pleasant fragrance. I booked through and was a bit anxious, so I sent them an email for confirmation. They replied within 10 minutes, even at 10 pm. The lobby staff was also very friendly and helpful.

Both Daimon and Hamamatsucho Stations are within a 5-minute walk. It was convenient for us because we needed to take different subway lines at different times. I definitely plan to stay here again next time.

During my trip planning and throughout my stay, I received a lot of help from Naildong. I wanted to return the favor by sharing my experience. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer within my knowledge.

(Note: The converted prices mentioned in the original review are not provided.

If you’re staying at Hotel Mystays Premier Hamamatsucho in the vibrant district of Hamamatsucho, you’ll find yourself in a location that offers both convenience and a peaceful atmosphere. The hotel is situated within a 5-minute walk from Daimon and Hamamatsucho Stations, making it easy to access different subway lines and explore the city.

Although the surrounding area has a business district feel, it also provides an authentic local experience with predominantly locals and fewer tourists. It’s a quiet and pleasant neighborhood, perfect for those looking to escape the bustling tourist crowds. Additionally, there is a neighborhood mart nearby, similar in size to convenience stores like 7-Eleven or Homeplus Express, offering convenience and a glimpse into the local lifestyle.

One slight downside mentioned by a previous guest was the distance to their preferred convenience store, Lawson, which was a bit far from the hotel. However, this shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the hotel’s other amenities and nearby attractions.

Guests who prioritize spaciousness and comfort will be pleased with Hotel Mystays Premier Hamamatsucho. The rooms are as advertised on, with no surprises or trickery involved. The hotel’s accuracy in portraying its rooms through photos adds to the overall satisfaction of guests. Even guests who are sensitive to hotel odors found the hotel to have a pleasant fragrance, ensuring a pleasant stay for everyone.

The positive guest experience extends beyond the accommodation itself. The customer service provided by both and the hotel staff was exceptional. responded promptly to inquiries, even during late hours, proving their dedication to customer support. The friendly and helpful staff at the lobby further enhanced the overall experience of staying at Hotel Mystays Premier Hamamatsucho.

Now, as a travel expert, I would like to recommend nearby tourist attractions and activities suitable for guests staying at this accommodation. One highly recommended attraction, easily accessible from Hamamatsucho Station, is the Tokyo Tower. This iconic landmark offers panoramic views of the city and even has observation decks and a cafe for visitors to enjoy. It’s a great way to appreciate the cityscape and take memorable photos.

For those looking to immerse themselves in Tokyo’s rich history and culture, a visit to the nearby Zojoji Temple is a must. This Buddhist temple, located within walking distance from the hotel, features stunning architecture and beautiful gardens. It’s a peaceful retreat amidst the bustling city, providing the opportunity for quiet contemplation and appreciation of Japanese heritage.

Another attraction worth exploring is the Hamarikyu Gardens, a tranquil oasis located near Hamamatsucho Station. These traditional Japanese gardens showcase a variety of seasonal flowers, a teahouse by a stunning pond, and even a duck hunting ground. It’s the perfect place to unwind, go for a leisurely stroll, and experience the harmony between nature and man-made elements.

In conclusion, Hotel Mystays Premier Hamamatsucho offers a convenient and comfortable stay in the Hamamatsucho district. With its proximity to Daimon and Hamamatsucho Stations, guests can easily explore various parts of Tokyo. The hotel’s commitment to guest satisfaction, along with the authentic and peaceful atmosphere of the neighborhood, make it an excellent choice for travelers wishing to experience Tokyo beyond the typical tourist areas.