[Spain/Granada hotel review] Recommended!Hotel Monjas Del Carmen

Hotel Monjas Del Carmen in Granada
I am currently staying (planned to check in today and stay for 4 days).

The location is good as it is next to Granada Cathedral, a 13-minute walk from the Alhambra, and in the middle of the city.
The price was also 64 euros.

I actually booked a different hotel, but there were a lot of recommendations here and on the blog, so I changed to this one, but that was a problem.
This is my first time seeing such a crappy hotel in my life.
I really don’t know why there are so many recommendations.

The place is good.
The young English speaking receptionist at the front did a very good job.

The problem is that as soon as I enter, it smells a bit musty, so I thought it would be better to ventilate it well.
Turn on the air conditioner.
The air conditioner makes noise, but it doesn’t run!
I was exhausted from the long trip and lay down on the bed, but the bed sheets and pillows were gone.
It smells really bad.
(Smell of washing sweaty clothes without using fabric softener or soap)
That’s it for now.
Is the smell of a public restroom creeping up from your bathroom?
This fills the room.
Open the balcony.
Waiting for the smell to go away.
There’s an even weirder smell because it’s a restaurant downstairs!!!
The walls smell of mold.
If it was just one night, I would just endure it and leave while cursing.
Since it was a 4-night stay, I had a fever, so I called reception in the early morning and asked them to bring perfume.
Then I brought some pine scent for the bathroom.
They said there was a high chance they wouldn’t be able to exchange it because it was a full book.
They said they would call the repair person tomorrow and inspect it.

I’m posting this at 2:35 in the morning because of the strange smell!

Summary for busy people

1. Hotel Monjas Del Carmen in Granada
2. Smells like sewer
3. Messy cleaning (lime powder on the floor)
4. Good location/value for money
5. If it were me, I wouldn’t stay here again regardless of the cost-effectiveness.
6. I can’t find the reason why Koreans like it

Location (How to get there):
Price: 50-60 euros (book early)
Meals and cooking:
Not included
Whether there is a toilet (shower room):
including a toilet
Nothing like that
Facilities and Cleanliness: D
Internal rule: x
Staff friendliness: B+
Surrounding environment: A
Pros: Location
Disadvantages: Smell, noisy, poor cleaning of the accommodation.
Who would like this accommodation?
How would you rate it?

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