Rome Independent Suite (Family room)

Please note this when making a reservation.
We were traveling with a family of 5 and were planning to stay 9 nights in Rome, so we found this place while looking for a residence. The price was cheap for 2 bedrooms and 3 beds (about 200 euros per night?), so we made a reservation after canceling Airbnb.

For reference, the room I reserved was a very spacious room with “2 king beds and 1 single bed” called the family room…
In the photo, it was a two-bedroom room with a hallway and kitchen.

But on the day of check-in, the room we went to with Del was…
As soon as you open the door in the building next to the building you enter through door number 3, they give you two rooms with beds in front of you, a bathroom, a king bed, and a sofa bed.

I spoke to the manager at 11 o’clock the next day, and the conclusion was that the room I booked was a suite apartment room, but they said that there were no more rooms like that.

In the end, the hotel and Agoda just said it was a system error…,,
I am currently spending my second night in a room with a king bed, a sofa bed, and at least two bathrooms. We have four rugs, but there is no space to spread them out.

I looked up reviews and found that there is one global family member who has the same experience as me every month?
It’s so absurd that Agoda is selling rooms that don’t exist every month.

As a result, there are no rooms with 3 beds for 5 people in the Independent Suite, and there is no kitchen.


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