Reviews of accommodation in Rome (Hotel Italia or B&B Hotel Roma Italia Viminale)

It’s a 2-star hotel!
It is a 10-minute walk from Termini Station and a 10-minute walk from the Trevi Fountain.
I’m writing a review because I can barely see any Korean reviews 🙂

1. You can go anywhere on foot
We walked everywhere except the Vatican!
The Colosseum was also about a 15-minute walk, so I walked. The accommodation near the Trevi Fountain, where many people usually stay, seemed difficult to walk to Termini Station, so I was wondering if I should take a taxi, but this place is very close!
There weren’t many places to do it, but most of them could be walked within 10-20 minutes haha.

2. Cheap
At first, I booked a hotel right in front of the Trevi Fountain for about 400,000 won per night, but I didn’t see any advantages other than the location, so I canceled it and rebooked here about a week before departure!
I stayed for 5 days and 4 nights and paid a total of about 1.2 million won, saving about 500,000 won.

3. Be kind
The staff are really friendly!
Every time we saw each other, he always smiled and said hello and kindly answered my questions.

4. Neat
First of all, I haven’t seen any bed bugs in any of the accommodations I’ve stayed in!
But I saw ants at the Airbnb in Paris…haha. Is the floor in the Florence hotel made of brick?
It was broken ㅠㅠ Among them, this hotel was the cleanest!
First of all, the floor felt like a Korean-style floor, so I walked barefoot, and since it was a hotel, they cleaned it every day!
(Towels will be changed if you use them and leave them on the floor. If you hang them on a towel rack, they will not change them.)

Others: There is an elevator, there is an ice maker so you can make iced coffee, breakfast can be paid daily (I remember it was 12 euros… the taste was mediocre), 220 volt charger can be used by plugging in without an adapter.

1. Sunflower shower
I brought shower filters for each accommodation, but I couldn’t use them here. The water pressure was a bit weak… It was very inconvenient when I just wanted to wash my hair in the morning.

2. Narrow
Feels like a Japanese hotel..?
I chose the smallest room, but it was narrow. I was worried because Google reviews said there was no window, but there was a window!

3. Soundproofing
Maybe it was because I was assigned a room right in front of the desk, but I could hear everything, including conversations outside and breakfast being prepared. If you are sensitive to noise, you may need to request a room inside!
I was very sluggish so I slept well haha.

Others: There is a water purifier, but the machine seems to be turned off at certain times, early check-in is not possible/baggage storage is possible, there is one homeless person living in the building right next to the accommodation. (No damage was caused at all.) There were so many homeless people that I got used to it later.)

In conclusion, if you start preparing for your trip early, there are many other good hotels, so I don’t necessarily recommend it. I made a reservation a week in advance, so I don’t have much time left for my trip, but I think people who think other rooms are too expensive can take a look.

++ Restaurant recommendations
I went to this place while looking for a restaurant near my accommodation, and it was personally the most delicious restaurant I ate in Rome!
I had carbonara and mushroom risotto, and the carbonara was better than the waiting restaurant I ate at around the Colosseum… The risotto had a unique texture of uncooked rice and was delicious haha. Rather than going out of your way, I recommend going if you’re nearby!

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