Review of the first day of the trip to Italy

To be exact, it’s not one day, but two days haha.

We traveled for two days and one night on Air China.

It was my first time taking a Chinese flag flight, so I got on the plane with some fear.

As others have said, the food was not tasty.

(Although it is in the same Greater China region, Eva Air was delicious.

)Since I had a transfer on the same day, I thought about staying at a transit hotel, but it worked.

I had a 10-hour layover, so it wasn’t worth spending 10 hours at the airport.

It was nice that they even picked me up for just me.

The hotel wasn’t bad, and the outlet was shaped like a British outlet, so I plugged it in wrong and the power went out.

I apologized and told him to just use the USB so that I can use it well in the future haha.

Hangzhou Airport is big, but there were really no people.

I went to the airport at 10pm, but there was no place to sell drinks or vending machines.

Anyway, I flew safely for 2 days and 1 night and arrived at the airport at dawn.

I definitely felt the power of my passport, so I stood in the regular line.

He told me to come out as an American, so I asked him if he was Korean as well, and he told me to come out as well (I’m writing this from what I remember, so there’s a lot of confusion in the post).

​As soon as I left the airport, there was a train to Termini Station 5 minutes later, so I jumped on it and had a cappuccino and croissant sold inside the train station.

I realized that Italian coffee is not famous for no reason.

It was so delicious.

After eating, I got on the train to go back to Assisi (why is my backpack so heavy when I take the train to Assisi?)I was sitting on the train, and there were a lot of seats, but I saw a young man sitting right in front of me.

I asked him just in case, and he turned out to be Korean.

I suddenly had company.

We didn’t say much, but it was better than going alone, and we kept running into each other while talking about Assisi.

We kept saying hello, haha.

I applied for a lunch box and used it, but it was so bad that I couldn’t even figure out the location of the hotel, so I got off at the entrance and the hotel was the best.

I thought I was going to die, but Assisi was so beautiful and the hotel was so nice.

Starting with the Cathedral of St.


As expected, I felt that it was not for nothing that I was asking for you to know.

There were a lot of monks, nuns, and priests, and there were a lot of Korean people.

You could hear Korean everywhere, but what was disappointing was that there weren’t many Munyeon houses.

Maybe it was because it was the off-season, but I was wandering around looking for something to eat, but couldn’t find it, so I ended up going to one place.

The owner said this was a cafe, and when I looked around, everyone was just drinking coffee (even though there was a lot of alcohol on display).

I came in, but it was hard to just leave again, so I drank a cappuccino, came out, and went back to the hotel.

There was a restaurant next to the hotel run by an old woman.

As I was looking at the menu outside, an old lady came out and explained it carefully.

Even though I couldn’t understand what she was saying, I felt friendly.

I had pasta and a glass of wine and it felt like home cooking haha.

It’s not even 10 o’clock yet, but why am I so sleepy? The trip is starting now.

I’m excited to see what happens next.

I’m planning to move to Florence tomorrow.



Free transit hotel in Hangzhou​.