Prague Hotel Leonardo

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Accommodation name: Hotel Leonardo Prague
Number of stays: 4 nights.
late november
Location (how to get there): Take the tram from Prague Airport.
It’s not far from the tram.
Near Charles Bridge.
Very close to Charles Bridge
Price: I think it was around 140,000 per night.
Meals and cooking: Breakfast was only served on the first day of the 4-night stay.
Breakfast is paid separately.
I don’t remember the price, but I think it was in the low 30,000 won range.
Bathroom (shower): Available.

Computer: X
Facilities and cleanliness: Generally clean.
Listen to the Bed Bug X Sheet.
But it feels like the spoon wasn’t washed properly?
It doesn’t feel as clean as a normal hotel.
First of all, it’s because the building is old.
There seems to be some dust behind the bed in the attic space on the second floor.
It is a structure that is difficult to clean.
Internal rules:

Friendliness of the staff: Super friendly… They really solve everything… In general, everyone is friendly!!!!
I think this place is the best when it comes to kindness.

Surrounding environment: Charles Bridge is very close and the Astronomical Clock is also nearby.
The location seems to be good as it is close to the old town.
However, the back alley at night is very dark, so if you are traveling alone, it is okay to return to the main road.
Pros: Good location, cozy.
At first, I thought it was an attic, but as I stayed there, I became attached to it and liked it.
There’s a desk, so it feels like a studio used by artists staying in Prague… And the friendly staff is a big plus… Oh, the water pressure is good and the hot water works well.
I don’t have slippers, but if you ask for them at the desk, they will be given to you, so be sure to get them.
Amenities include hand sanitizer, shampoo/shower gel, a ring in the closet, and tea and coffee.

And the breakfast…is really good.
The menu seems to change slightly every day.
And it’s an underground restaurant, so the atmosphere is really nice.
The atmosphere was better than any other restaurant I went to in Prague.
It felt like eating in a secret medieval hideout. It was cozy, the food was delicious, and the servers were friendly.
Actually, I didn’t like the room that much, but my mind changed completely after eating breakfast.

Cons: It was a classic double room.
It is very, very, very inconvenient that the bed is on the second floor.
If you want to go to the bathroom while sleeping, you have to come down, but the stairs are sloped, very high, and creaky… really…. You have to be fully prepared on the first floor and then go up to bed. It’s hard to come down again.
But other than that, everything was good, so if it had been a different room, I would have definitely stayed here again.
But the attic is a bit… ㅠㅠ I did it this way because I was alone, but it might be a bit more uncomfortable if there were two of us.

Hotel Leonardo has very good reviews, but there is no mention of this attic-like room, so I am writing this.

Who would like this accommodation?
Those who want to find good accommodations at a reasonable price (low to mid 100,000 won)

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