Paris Opera (near Saint-Lazare Station) Paris Opera Garnier Hotel & Spa Review from July 24 to July 31, 2023 (7 nights)




This is a review of the Paris Opera (near Saint-Lazare Station) Paris Opera Garnier Hotel & Spa from July 24 to July 31, 2023 (7 nights).

The room was booked through Agoda in January, breakfast for 2 not included/ 15m2/ Privilege Room (all drinks in the refrigerator are free)/ Balcony The 10,000 won card was approved…ㅠㅠ).
City tax (40.32 euros) was paid at check-out.
1. Recommendation: △ It was good value for money, but it was difficult to drag the suitcase on the carpeted floor in the hallway… In particular, the Privilege Room goes to a corner very far from the elevator… There are stairs in the middle (small stairs 4). 1) The number of stairs is not that much, but the suitcase was so heavy that it was difficult… Basically, the bed frame/desk/refrigerator/wardrobe all seemed to be very old… so it’s hard to say that they are completely different from the picture… .I was a little disappointed.. However, there were many restaurants nearby, and there was a supermarket in the basement and on the second floor at Lajjar Station, so it was convenient.. Transportation was also good.. So, I recommend Semo!!

2. Transportation: The transportation at Saint-Lazare Station was so good that it was nice to be able to get to most places at once by subway and bus.

3. Surrounding infrastructure: There are many restaurants nearby, Starbucks is close, there is a large supermarket in the basement of La Jarre Station, and I think there was a Monoprix Express on the 2nd floor… And, above all, the Printemps Department Store is right in front (1 walk away). It was easy to go shopping, leave things behind, and go back out.

4. Cleaning and hotel service: The cleaning was done well, and towels and amenities were provided well… However, I was curious about breakfast, so I ate it once… They paid 21 euros… Compared to what I ate… .It was poor…it’s a shame…

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