Paris hotel review – Hotel Etats Unis Opera (Location gangster👍)

Accommodation photos:


Accommodation name:
Hotel Etats Unis Opera

Number of nights:
November 15 – November 22 (7 nights)

Location (How to get there):
The 2nd arrondissement is the best location for sightseeing in Paris (the 1st arrondissement is too expensive haha)
5 minutes walk from Opera Garnier / 2 minutes walk from Opera Station? price :
Classic double room for 1 person
7 nights 1353 euros / 1 night approximately 193 euros
(Discounted amount for using for a long time.
I had to bear the cost of booking a hotel in Paris a month in advance.)

Meals and cooking:
Breakfast not included.
(Breakfast is available and on-site reservations are also possible.)

Whether there is a bathroom (shower room):
Toilet/bathroom included of course

WiFi is awesome

Facilities and Cleanliness:
Basically, because it is not a new building, it does not have the sparkle of a new building.
I felt like it was very clean and well managed.
There is an elevator, but it is full with just one suitcase and me.
I was too embarrassed to share it with other people, so I used the stairs a lot.
(It was possible because my room was on the first floor, or in Korean, it was on the second floor.)
As for housekeeping, I was really happy to have it in good condition when I first checked in.

Internal rules:
I don’t think there was one.

Staff friendliness:
It’s not very friendly, but
Everyone was appropriately friendly.
When I asked to interpret an email I received in French, he willingly did so.

Surrounding environment:
The Opera Garnier area is always crowded.
The area where the hotel was located was quiet because there wasn’t much traffic.
I was worried that it would be noisy because it was on the second floor.
The soundproofing was good so there was no discomfort.
Currently, Paris is under construction in general, so there is construction noise from weekday mornings.
However, Europe has a good work-life balance.
It’s not noisy early in the morning or late at night.
There are many French and Asian restaurants nearby.
Even though we were married, we never had to starve.

Advantages :
It’s ridiculous compared to a very good hotel, but it’s still a 4 star.
The best reviews among similar hotels in similar locations nearby.
As you can see from Google Maps, the location is great.
I like to walk
I was able to walk to most places except the Eiffel Tower.
Because I was traveling alone as a woman, there were too many alleys.
I also wanted to avoid places with too much traffic, but that was exactly what I did.
There are many delicious cafes and restaurants in the alleys.
It was fun to look at Google Maps and find the place.
I also liked that the floor wasn’t carpeted,
The room size is also quite spacious!
(25 square meters)

disadvantage :
Feeling a little old?
The elevator is small…?
(But where is it? lol)
There is no view.
It’s not because it’s on the 2nd floor, but it would be the same even if it was on the 5th floor.
But because I knew everything
It wasn’t annoying.
What was annoying was that a lot of water splashed out of the bathroom when showering.
Because of this, there is a lot of water on the bathroom floor.
Using too many towels
I had no choice but to ask for cleaning every day.

Who would like this accommodation?
Anyone who wants an Eiffel view
Even if it doesn’t have an Eiffel view, I don’t think it will be good for those who value the view.
Or, those who want a sophisticated interior may also be disappointed.
Except for those people, wouldn’t everyone like it?
Especially for those who want to travel a lot on foot.
Recommended for those who want to take the Ruwashi bus from the airport!

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