Paris Golden Tulip Washington Opera review

1. Accommodation location: Good (you have to walk to take the subway, but the Louvre and Opera Street are close)

2. Breakfast: Delicious bread and good composition

3. Service: Requested a high floor in advance, but was assigned a low floor,
When I spoke to the desk, they said the room was full and that the current room was quiet as it was facing the theater.
Yes, I understand. He said he would change to a higher floor tomorrow if there was space available.

When I went the next morning, they changed it right away.
Judging by the condition of the room, it looks like it was not provided (could be my mistake)
Afterwards, I also told them all my requirements.

Aside from the unpleasant aspects mentioned above, the staff are friendly.

Conclusion: three stars

It was an accommodation with a bad feel after paying a lot of money.

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