[Milan, Italy] Reviews of Torre Galfa Milano Luxury Apartments

The accommodation was so comfortable and nice that I re-booked to visit Milan next month.

Accommodation name:
Torre Galfa Milano Luxury Apartments |
UNA Esperienze
Number of stays: November 19, 2022 ~ November 24, 2022
Average price per night in November 22 (based on 65m): Approximately KRW 270,000
Average price per night in November 23 (based on 74m) is about KRW 360,000
Accommodation type: Apartment
Location: Near Milan Central Station, opposite Hilton Milan

I decided to go on a business trip to Milan, which I had postponed since last year when the coronavirus was lifted, but since it was my first time in Europe, I had no idea how to get there from the moment I got off the plane.
I was very worried, especially since I had heard so much about the security situation that the area near Milan Centrale Station was a busy area.
Because they said it was dangerous, I asked the manufacturer’s representative one by one about the hotel, location, schedule, etc.
I reserved an apartment near Centrale Station (even in the same area, there are clean places, many homeless people, and dangerous places).
Since I run a business with my husband, I wanted to live in a more spacious and comfortable place, so I looked for an apartment rather than a narrow and stuffy hotel.
I love it so much I wanted to share it.

1 room, bathroom, laundry room, pantry, kitchen/living room,
In particular, all the windows were full-length, so the lighting was great, and I also liked the view since it was on the 19th floor.
It was about a 7-minute walk to Chantrale Station, so it was easy to catch an early train and go to another city.
You can see popular attractions by walking, such as Corcosomo and Brera, so we walked most of the way.
I walked to Milan Cathedral, looked around the area, and took a taxi to my accommodation.
I bought groceries and cooked food at Esselunga Mart.
In particular, the meat was so cheap at the supermarket that I ate a steak and stayed comfortably like at home.

I’m going to Milan again in November, so I was thinking about going to another accommodation, but I don’t think I’ll be able to find a place that good or in good condition.
I made another reservation.
From the 16th to the 19th, I will be in Rome, and from the 19th to the 25th, I will travel to Milan. The price may have risen a lot, but the average price is about 100,000 won per night compared to last year.
It was upgraded.
Ah, the room size is not the same as last year, so I booked a larger room so I can feel that the price has gone up.

Still, I think that during business trips and travel, you need to rest well in comfortable accommodation so that you can spend all your schedules in good condition.
I remember that when going with a family or group of friends, the price was the same for 2 people + 2 children, and even for 3 or 4 adults.
They say it’s hard to leave home, so please keep that in mind and find a good place to stay.Image

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