London Premier Inn Holborn reviews

I decided to spend Christmas and New Year’s holidays in London and tried to book accommodation, but the cost of accommodation was extremely high, perhaps because it was the end of the year.
When I travel, I tend to think a lot about accommodations, but the places I like are over 70 per night.
When I thought about it, I didn’t think I would stay in a hotel other than sleeping in London, so I decided on Premier Holborn, which is highly recommended for its cost-effectiveness.
It’s the end of the year, so the price here is around 35 per night, so the term ‘cost-effectiveness’ doesn’t seem right. Of course, compared to UK prices, it may be okay.
When requesting breakfast for 1 adult, 1 child is free.
I will leave my honest, personal review.
I prefer places where there are many restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets around the hotel.
But that’s not the case here.
The walk here feels more like a remote, secluded neighborhood rather than like downtown.
There are no good restaurants nearby.
The atmosphere here is down and the surroundings feel depressing.
I don’t like this down and gloomy atmosphere, so I actually don’t want to come into the accommodation. ㅜㅜ
You have to bring used towels to the front desk to get them changed, but there needs to be an employee in charge to change them for you.
I went there a few times in the morning, but he said it wasn’t his responsibility and told me to come back later.
There are rooms with windows, but most of them have windows but they do not open.
There’s no refrigerator.
The room is very narrow.
There are no slippers and no water.
We arrived late at night, so there was no place nearby to buy water.
There is a vending machine, but it’s like a small 500ml water bottle of 2.5 pounds.
There is no free wifi or it is very slow.
They said I could use it faster by paying an additional fee, but I didn’t apply because I didn’t want to spend money on this motel.
I don’t recommend it unless you just want to sleep.
Breakfast consists of mashed potatoes, grilled tomatoes, lightly grilled bacon, eggs, bread, cereal, and fruit.
At some point, my husband only drank one cup of coffee.
To be honest, I requested breakfast for no reason.
It’s a cheap price, but even that money is a waste.
The bread isn’t tasty either.
To be honest, it’s all just…tasteless.
I don’t think you need to request breakfast.
And if you want a place with lots of things to see and lots of coffee shops and shops nearby, don’t go here.
This is the worst hotel I’ve ever been to.
If I could choose again, I would probably choose Soho, Covent Garden, or Trafalgar.Image

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