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London Holiday Inn Express London Hammersmith Review

This article is a review of ‘Holiday in Express London Hammersmith’ and includes information about things to enjoy around London.

This article is a reviewHammersmith Bridge is a historic

‘Holiday in Express London Hammersmith’ Review

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Basic Information about the Hotel

  • Name of the accommodation: Holiday in Express London Hammersmith
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Accommodation cost: $550 USD for a 5-night stay

Location & Accessibility

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Distance from station (terminal): The hotel is a 10-15 minute walk from the nearest underground station. Take any of the four lines: District line (green color), Piccadilly line (navy color), Circle line (yellow color), or Hammersmith&City line (pink color).

Features & Satisfaction of the Accommodation

  • Overall rating: The overall rating of the Holiday in Express London Hammersmith is very good.
  • Satisfaction: The staff at the hotel is friendly and welcoming. The rooms are clean and well-maintained. However, the breakfast included in the package is basic and could be improved.

Additional Tips & Other Information

  • Pros and Cons of the hotel: Pros of staying at Holiday in Express London Hammersmith include its affordable price, convenient transportation options, and the availability of a microwave in the lobby. However, the room windows cannot be opened, there is no refrigerator, and the breakfast offerings are limited. Please note that the hotel does not have any specific rules or regulations.
  • Amenities in the room: The rooms are equipped with a television, hairdryer, and iron. There is also a coffee pot in each room.
  • Special services provided by the hotel: The hotel offers free Wi-Fi to its guests.

Attractions near ‘Holiday in Express London Hammersmith’

First Recommended Place: Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge is a historic suspension bridge that spans the River Thames in London. It is located just a short walk from the hotel. The bridge offers stunning views of the river and is a popular spot for pedestrians and cyclists. It is a great place to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Second Recommended Place: Lyric Hammersmith

The Lyric Hammersmith is a renowned theatre located near the hotel. It is known for its innovative productions and diverse programming. The theatre hosts a range of performances, including plays, music concerts, and dance shows. It is a must-visit for theatre enthusiasts and those looking for a cultural experience.

Third Recommended Place: Ravenscourt Park

Ravenscourt Park is a picturesque public park situated close to the hotel. It offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. The park features beautifully landscaped gardens, a lake, and open green spaces. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, have a picnic, or engage in various recreational activities such as tennis and basketball. It’s a perfect place to unwind and connect with nature.