[London] Bedbug Review Buckle Street Studios by Locke

* Note the photo below🥲

The hotel that gave me the worst Christmas haha
A lot of Koreans go there, but there aren’t many reviews, so I’m sharing my honest review in hopes that it will help others avoid this hotel.

I went on a one-week trip to London from December 23-30.
I didn’t want to change hotels mid-way, and since the prices were high, I found and made a reservation at a place that offers self-catering.
I made a reservation through Agoda, but the photos didn’t appear in the review.

Buckle Street Studios by Locke at Aldgate East Station

Buckle Street Studios by Locke, Aldgate

12/23 I checked in late in the evening and fell asleep.
It felt a lot smaller and older than the picture, and it didn’t feel clean (the windows didn’t open, there was dust on the sofa…) I was disappointed, but it was a trip I was really looking forward to, so I played Christmas carols and tried to enjoy it haha.Image

12/24 While traveling around the city, my hands started to itch.
Until then, I thought it was a mosquito.
But my friend caught a small bug on the wall that evening.Image



12/25 I was taking a shower in the morning and got bitten on my stomach and neck. Isn’t this a mosquito?
I started to think about it, so I showed it to the walking tour guide that day and told him that it could be a bed bug, so I should talk to the hotel. Then I searched for bed bugs and found out that the bug my friend caught yesterday was a bed bug.

After the walking tour in the morning and the afternoon schedule, I made my first complaint as soon as I got to the hotel.
For me, it was Christmas… and I had more things to do, so I spoke with as much emotion as possible, and I was really worried that I might have to change hotels because there were no rooms left.

Me: I checked in here and stayed there for two nights. Yesterday I thought it was a mosquito, but today I noticed that my neck, stomach, and arms are getting bigger and bigger.
I caught a bug last night, and it looks like a bed bug.
And by any chance are you- (Now that I’ve said this, he looks at the situation)
Lobby staff: (No apology at all. Expression dull.) I’ll move you to a room first.
Pack your bags and come to the lobby, and I’ll give you a new room key.
However, we also need proof, so could you send us a photo of the bite and bug via WhatsApp?
I’ll give it to you after seeing the picture.
Me: (I was starting to get upset, but I didn’t want to ruin the trip.) First of all, I understand.

Luckily I killed the bug and put it in a plastic bag so I could take a picture.Image




I took the photo I wanted and packed my bags and came down, but it took some time to download WhatsApp. They really didn’t give me the key to the new room until I saw the photo.

Lobby staff: (checking the photos and handing over the keys) Have you checked to see if there are any bugs in your luggage?
Me: (with a dumbfounded expression) I told you I picked it up yesterday, and I have to wash all my luggage today. You sure you can’t do laundry here, right?
Do I have to buy detergent?
Lobby staff: Washing machine and detergent are on the *floor.

I think the room I moved to was a slightly larger room.
As soon as I moved it, I took out everything and washed it haha.
Hyeonta came out a lot???

What are you doing for Xmas lol?
Anyway, the next day, the itching was so bad that I asked the lobby staff if there was any medicine, saying that yesterday was the worst Christmas of my life (a different staff member that day), and only then did I hear that they were sorry.

Fortunately, the cold medicine I was prescribed in Korea contained antihistamines and steroids.
After taking it, it was less itchy, so the next day after taking it, I bought an antihistamine and ointment (Anthisan, insect bite antihistamine 2%) and applied it to the skin.
I think it was about 15 pounds total.Image

Bed bugs have been itching like crazy since the first day… and the third day.
If you happen to get bitten while traveling, we recommend that you immediately purchase antihistamine pills/ointment.

The habit I developed in my new room is that I apply ointment before going to bed and take pictures of all the bitten areas in case they are in this room too.Image


If there had been an alternative, I would have gotten a refund and moved to a hotel right away. The staff’s response was also disappointing.

Basically, I think they don’t clean it properly.
In the new room, there was a baby sock left behind by the previous person under the bed.

Checking out on the last day,
Employee (another employee that day): How was your stay?
Me: I don’t answer with a dumbfounded expression.
Employee: Did you just do that?
Me: It was the worst.
Bed bug bites.
Ha really.
Employee: Ah.
I called the company and checked the room three times, but there was nothing there.
Me: Huh? LOL
Employee: Is there anything else I can help you with? (check-out related)
Me: Isn’t it because I got bitten and caught a bug in that room and you couldn’t find it?
Employee: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, I just wanted to let you know what measures we took in case you were worried.

I was in a really bad mood until the end.
If you are considering this hotel, think again🥲

If it was an off-season trip, I really think I would have made a strong complaint to the hotel and moved to another hotel.. haha.

I’m also sorry to my friend who went with me… I tried to control my emotions as much as possible and focus on traveling.ㅠㅠ

After a lot of hard work, I entered the country yesterday and celebrated the New Year with my family. As expected, home is the best.
Happy New Year everyone!!

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