Interlaken Hotel du Nord Breakfast impressions Reviews

I stayed for a total of 3 days and 2 nights from December 27th to 29th.
​ 1. Room condition
I don’t remember what room I booked haha. I booked the cheapest room, but it was clean and spacious, had a window, hot water, and great heating.
It smells like a sewer, but I didn’t really care about it because when I wash it, the scent of the body wash covers it up.
And this is my first time learning that Nespresso headquarters is in Switzerland. Anyway, I was glad to see the capsules, so I drank it to my heart’s content.
​2. Breakfast
I’m not sure how much breakfast costs per day. I paid with breakfast included haha.

Breakfast had a lot of variety, but there was nothing special to eat.
I brought my usual scrambled eggs, bacon, etc. and ate them.
Yogurt and granola are the best.
Maybe I’m the type of person who would say that a good breakfast can be made with just granola and yogurt lol.
It was nice to have a lot of different types of cereal here. It’s actually a good cereal restaurant.

3. Location
About 7 minutes from Interlaken Ost Station.
As I walked, I reached the station, and as I walked, I arrived at the accommodation.

4. What I felt
Location doesn’t matter since you’re moving from East Station anyway.
It seemed like I made a reservation at a cheaper price than the surrounding market, but it was nice to be assigned a room that was better than I expected. It was a version without a terrace, but the window was large so I didn’t feel stuffy.
And there are a lot of Chinese people haha. It’s strange that there are a lot of Chinese people here?
I think I saw a couple of Koreans.

If I go to Interlaken again, I think I’ll stay here again 🙂 Very friendly reception

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