If you want to take the best photo in Florence, come here~ haha

It’s a rooftop cafe.

I went up to Giotto’s Bell Tower and saw it by chance.

I thought, “Oh, that would be nice,” and went there haha.

​We visited around 1pm on October 5th.

The table seat is just shaded so it doesn’t dazzle your eyes.

It was a good time to see the Duomo very pretty.

It was about 2 hours and I didn’t notice anything at all.

​However, ordering and calculating are very slow.

I can’t take orders from two tables at once.

There were also people who just sat there and then left.

We didn’t eat, so we ordered a lot of things.

It was expensive and tasteless.

But it was enough for the value of the view~~I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to kill time while watching the Duomo!!👍​.








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