I went in to Rome in the evening in the winter and went to Florence on the same day./Tranitalia winter night train time has been added. (Plan shared)



com/firenze/8070138?tc=shared_link ​​I can’t make any other travel plans because I’m thinking about this and that every day.

ㅠㅠIt would be easier to stay one night in Rome.

Winter is the peak season.

(When I booked the ticket, I realized that the peak season in Italy runs until January 9th.

/ Winter vacation is the peak season for Korean guesthouses.

)Near Rome Termini StationIn the case of bed and breakfasts, many places make reservations for 2 nights as standard.


Use the airport express train + flix bus1) Install the Flix bus app + TreItalia homepage or trenit!Install application​https://www.



html Please refer to the image below for departure and destination settings.



​2)The flix bus departs from the roma Tibutina Station bus stop.

Florence There are two destinations in Florence.

(Piazzale Montelungo/Villa Costanza)-Piazzale Montelungo, 50123 Firenze-Parcheggio Villa Costanza, uscita Villa Costanza, autostrada A1, 50018 Scandicci (Firenze)​2.

Use1) Fiumicino aeroporto – roma termini.


2) roma Termini – Firenze SM Novella.