I went in to eat shrimp sashimi 🍤 and fell in love with the squid ink 🦑🍝 pasta 😍 a restaurant in Syracuse, Sicily 🍽️

On my first day in Sicily, I arrived late on a rainy night and had a meal with slices of pizza,😪The next day, I went to Cefalu and ate delicious sweet shrimp sashimi for my first meal🍤😍👍🤩For every meal, I went around to houses that sold raw shrimp and raw fish.

A few days later, I arrived in Syracuse a little late, and the hostel recommended a few nearby restaurants.


When I asked him to recommend a place that serves delicious sashimi and raw fish, he said without hesitation that I should go to a place called Red Moon.

The shabby exterior and interior do not seem to attract tourists.

As soon as I saw it, I felt the power of the restaurant.



This is a shabby, old-fashioned menu.

The interior of a temporary building was roughly decorated with netting.

​There was no shrimp or raw fish that I wanted to eat.

BlackㅠㅠIt’s hard to find raw fish in Batumi, Georgia, where I live, so when I travel, I rush to eat raw fish whenever I can, regardless of quality or price.

Hahaha​Inevitably, mussel dish, squid ink pasta, and of course, white wine.



​This restaurant was a hearty local restaurant that competed in taste and quantity.

🤩It’s a generous serving for two, and it tastes great!Jjajangmyeon looks delicious🧐🤩👍After that, I kept ordering squid ink pasta in addition to sashimi in Sicily, but I couldn’t find a restaurant like Red Moon in Syracuse and returned.

​I couldn’t forget that ink pasta from Syracuse, so I even made a reservation at a restaurant in Catania that said it was good and tried it ㅠㅠ;;.


If you are planning a trip to Syracuse, I recommend this restaurant.

🫶👍🎉 It doesn’t have a fancy feel, but a hearty home-style atmosphere.