Hotels in Italy: What’s not there and what’s there

I traveled by car through Italy for two weeks during Chuseok.
So far, except for two nights in Assisi and two nights in Tuscany, we have stayed in 3-star B&B Hotels.
We usually reserve only the first and last days in advance and decide on hotels for the rest of the itinerary as we move.
A few years ago, while traveling in Spain, I stayed at a business hotel called Accor, but I couldn’t find one.
I looked for the B&B Hotel I had seen on my previous wanderings.
I think B&B Hotel is also clean and good value for money.
Anyone who knows the content knows it, but…
What’s missing:
1. Electric pot: It is convenient to bring with you.
I mainly used it to boil water and eat scorched rice.
2. Cup: It is a good idea to bring your own cup or tumbler.
I ate scorched rice in a tumbler^^
3. Slippers: Take the disposable slippers provided on the plane.
4. Disposable toothbrush or toothpaste
5. Even if the room is heated, the maximum temperature is 24 degrees, and it is cold in the north.
I took my sleeping bag and covered it up.
6. There are mosquitoes in the central area.
In the middle of my trip, I bought liquid mosquito repellent and an electric mosquito swab that plug into an outlet.
There are:
1. Hair dryer: Not found in places like the Assisi Convent accommodation.
2. Shampoo and body wash
3. Mini refrigerator
4. Wardrobe and hangers
B&B Hotels usually sell water, wine and snacks on the ground floor.

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