Hotel Yaenomidori Tokyo: Top Accommodation Choices of 2023

Review of Hotel Yaenomidori Tokyo

Hotel Name (Rating): Hotel Yaenomidori Tokyo (★★★★)

Location: Tokyo, Ginza Hotchobori?

Distance from stations: 11 minutes walking from Tokyo Station, 5 minutes by bus / 3-5 minutes walking from Hotchobori Station.

Accommodation type: Superior Twin Room.

Accommodation cost: 3 nights for 57,800 JPY (approximately $520 USD, cash payment upon check-in).

Booking platform: Agoda.

Includes breakfast.

Surrounding atmosphere: Quiet, surrounded mostly by office buildings.

Hotel Name (Rating): Hotel YaenomidoriDistance from stations: 11 minutes

Overall satisfaction: I wanted to share my accommodation review first because there was very limited information about this hotel. I apologize for the delay in posting this review, as I stayed there from November 19th to November 22nd, for 3 nights and 4 days.

Overall satisfaction:  I wantedI apologize for the delay

Reason for choosing this hotel:

Reason for choosing this hotel:

I researched extensively on Agoda and had a hard time deciding. There were very few reviews, possibly due to the hotel being newly established after the pandemic. However, it met my criteria of 3 nights with breakfast included in a twin room, within budget. Additionally, its proximity to Tokyo Station and Hotchobori Station, which allowed easy access to both the city center and Disneyland, was another reason for my choice.

I researched extensively on AgodaThere were very few reviews,

Overall, I was satisfied with my stay.

Overall, I was satisfied with my stay.

Hotel Facilities:

Hotel Facilities:

The hotel exterior and interior can be seen in the photos I included. The room I stayed in was the Superior Twin Room. It was of decent size, not too spacious but not cramped either. The amenities provided included a separate sink area, basic toiletries, a hairdryer, and towels. One of the doors in the room led to the toilet, while the other served as the entrance. I requested room cleaning on the second day and there was a magnetic sign in Korean and other languages for this purpose.

The hotel exterior and interiorThe room I stayed in

Television, although it supported Korean channels, I didn’t have the chance to watch during my stay.

Television, although it supported Korean I didn't have the

One drawback was the lack of a closet due to the limited space. However, there were hangers available for hanging clothes, and disposable slippers were provided, which I preferred.

One drawback was the lackHowever, there were hangers available

Another drawback was the limited view outside the window, mostly surrounded by office buildings. Unfortunately, the windows couldn’t be opened, so ventilation was not possible.

Another drawback was the limitedUnfortunately, the windows couldn't be


Since I had to prepare early in the morning, especially for Disneyland, I opted to include breakfast. I’m not sure if the menu changes, but during my stay from November 19th to November 22nd, these were the menus available at the hotel’s first-floor restaurant. The breakfast options were consistent, so I alternated between two choices throughout the three nights. They served mainly fish, and although it wasn’t my favorite, the breakfast was tasty and satisfying. There were various beverages available, including vegetable juice, which I found to be the most delicious. Rice was also available for refills. The breakfast area was clean and quiet, providing a pleasant atmosphere. I noticed other Korean tourists during breakfast, but most of the guests seemed to be Japanese business travelers.

Hotel Surroundings:

Directly across the street from the hotel is a Papasu drugstore. Although I stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days, practically only two days were available for shopping, with one day dedicated to Disneyland. The drugstore next to the hotel was convenient, although the selection of items commonly sought by Korean visitors was limited. Nonetheless, I managed to find everything I needed, sometimes choosing alternative brands. Tax-free shopping was possible, and the staff was very friendly.

Furthermore, there is a 24-hour mart in close proximity to the hotel. It was a great convenience to have a 24-hour store nearby. I have included some photos of my shopping on the first day.

Additionally, though I couldn’t take photos, there is a Lawson convenience store diagonally situated from the hotel. There is also a bustling ramen eatery adjacent to the hotel, though I did not have the opportunity to try it.


Geographic Benefits – The hotel is close to Tokyo Station. I personally arrived at Tokyo Station via the Narita Express and then took a 16-minute bus ride with my luggage to the hotel. It is also within walking distance to Nihonbashi Station, and I walked to Takashimaya Department Store on my first day. Hotchobori Station is also within walking distance for easy access to both Ginza Line and Keiyo Line for the round trip to Disneyland.

I didn’t experience any noise issues, and the hotel was clean. The breakfast was enjoyable with a limited menu. The nearby mart was very convenient too.


The rooms lacked ventilation, and the elevators were slightly inconvenient. Upon entering from outside, guests needed to go to the 14th-floor lobby (the top floor) before transferring to another elevator to access the guest room floors. I don’t remember if I was given one or two card keys.

That concludes my review.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Hotel Yaenomidori provides easy access to various attractions and activities for tourists staying at the hotel. With its proximity to Tokyo Station, guests can conveniently explore the city’s iconic landmarks and popular neighborhoods. From the hotel, visitors can also easily access Hotchobori Station, which offers quick connections to the vibrant Ginza Line and Keiyo Line for a round trip to Disneyland.

For those interested in shopping, the nearby Takashimaya Department Store is just a short walk away. Here, guests can indulge in a luxurious shopping experience, browsing through a wide range of international and local brands.

To experience the bustling atmosphere of Tokyo, tourists can venture into the famous Ginza district. Known for its high-end boutiques, department stores, and upscale dining options, Ginza offers a vibrant shopping and entertainment experience. Strolling along the beautifully designed streets is a must-do for fashion enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of Tokyo’s glitz and glamor.

Another must-visit attraction near the hotel is the Tsukiji Fish Market. Although the iconic inner market has moved to Toyosu, the outer market still offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere where visitors can savor traditional Japanese street food and shop for fresh seafood, spices, and kitchen utensils.

For a serene and cultural experience, guests can explore the nearby historic neighborhood of Nihonbashi. With its charming atmosphere, traditional architecture, and historic sites, Nihonbashi offers a glimpse into the rich history and heritage of Japan. Visitors can admire the Nihonbashi Bridge, which has been the center of Tokyo since the Edo period, and explore the many art galleries, traditional shops, and museums in the area.

If guests are looking for family-friendly activities, a visit to Tokyo Disneyland is highly recommended. With the easy access provided by Hotchobori Station, guests can enjoy a day of thrilling rides, live performances, and magical experiences in the world-renowned theme park.

Overall, Hotel Yaenomidori Tokyo is an excellent choice for travelers seeking comfortable accommodation in a convenient location. With its proximity to Tokyo Station and Hotchobori Station, guests can easily explore the vibrant city of Tokyo, indulge in shopping, experience local cuisine, and immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the area.