[Hotel Review] London Accommodation – Hub by Premier Inn Westminster Abbey

It’s already been a week since I returned from England.
I also received a lot of travel help before my trip.
We share each and every accommodation in London, Leeds and Edinburgh.

1. Accommodation name: Hub by Premier in Westminster Abbey

2. Number of stay days: October 6_8.

3. Location (How to get there): 5 minutes walk from St. James park station.
15 minutes walk from Westminster Station (with luggage)

4. Price: 340 pounds (2 nights rate. 4 weeks major home reservation)

5. Meals and cooking: Know how to cook.
Breakfast 7 pounds.
The quality of this breakfast seems to be pretty good.
There were quite a few people eating breakfast in the lounge.

6. Bathroom (shower room): Very clean.

7. Computer: Not confirmed

8. Facilities and cleanliness: As it is a hotel, it is very clean.

9. Staff friendliness: Very good

10. Surrounding environment: It is within a 10-minute walk to Big Ben, so transportation is good and the city is also very safe.

11. Advantages: Close enough to transportation, Big Ben, and St. James Park for an early morning walk.
I went out early in the morning and took pictures of the empty Big Ben area.
The bedding was soft and the facilities were clean.
Coffee and tea are also free in the lounge.
I didn’t eat it, but the breakfast is said to be good value for money.

12. Disadvantage: It is a single room on the first floor and there is no window.
I thought the window in the picture was open.
ㅠㅠ And the soundproofing is not very good.
I had a room on the first floor with a middle door in front of the elevator, but it was a bit noisy.
Maybe it was a feature of the embankment.
It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t sleep, but the noise might bother those with sensitive skin.
I asked for an upstairs room, but I arrived late, so I got a room on the first floor… The fact that it was clean but had no windows is also the reason why I will never come to this hotel again.

13.What kind of people would like this accommodation?
– A mixed race with a preference for transportation.
There is no need for a window.

14. How would you rate it?






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