[Hotel Review] Edinburgh Accommodation – Motel One Royale

1.Accommodation name: Motel One Royal
2. Number of stays: October 12-13.
1 night
3. Location (How to get there): 5-minute walk from Edinburgh Webley Station
4. Price: 129 pounds.
Reservation 3 weeks in advance
5. Meals and cooking: Cooking is not allowed.
Breakfast available for a fee
6. Bathroom (shower room): Very clean.
Fully equipped with shower facilities.
7. Facilities and cleanliness: The room is large enough to fit 3 suitcases.
It would be a shame to use it alone.
9. Internal rules: Luggage can be stored before and after check-in and check-out.
10. Staff friendliness: Very friendly.
11. Surrounding environment: This is the hotel in the most commonly seen photo of Edinburgh (see photo).
It’s very close to the station, so you can walk around and go in and out.
12.Advantage: Transportation.
13. Disadvantage: The price is not cheap.
14.What kind of people would like this accommodation?
– Those who want to reduce transportation time.
Those who like interior design with a youthful feel.
Anyone who wants to stay in the building in the tourist photo.
15.How would you rate it?
A. I will definitely come back next time
​ ​


The circled building is a hotel.

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