Hotel City Palazzo Dei Cardinali near Trevi Fountain, Rome (good Rome hotel to stay with kids)

This is a review of Hotel City Palazzo Dei Cardinali near the Trevi Fountain in Rome, where a couple stayed with their children aged 11 and 5.

I don’t want to talk about the price. We went in the off-season, so it was a bit cheaper, and it gets very cheap in the peak season. There is a lot of variation depending on the time of year, so the price we went there doesn’t seem to be meaningful.

Breakfast was included and I stayed for 5 nights and 6 days from December 14th to 19th. The price was cheap because it was the off-season, and the room was on the 2nd floor, with the hotel occupying 3 floors in total. (The hotel lobby itself is located on the 3rd floor of the building. (So ​​the building was tall) The triple room was larger than expected, with one large bed, one single bed, and one sofa bed.

I ate the same breakfast every day for 5 nights and I never got tired of it, and the simple but basic breakfast was delicious enough that even the kids enjoyed it.

The main reason I chose this hotel was because of the location.
I found this place while looking for a hotel in the center of a tourist area because my 5-year-old can’t walk for long.
There are a lot of pickpockets near Termini Station, and I thought it would be dangerous to travel with children, so I ruled out hotels near the station. I chose a hotel that was safe and close to tourist attractions even though it was a little more expensive, and this hotel had a great location. The staff were very friendly and the facilities were all newly renovated, so it was clean and like a new hotel.

A 5-minute walk to the Trevi Fountain, a 3-minute walk to the Plaza de España, a 15-minute walk to the Piazza Navona, a 10-minute walk to the Pantheon, a 15-minute walk to the Piazza Venezia, a 20-minute walk to the Colosseum, etc. All tourist attractions are within walking distance, so even a 5-year-old child can walk by bus or subway even once. I took a taxi twice just to get to the airport.

The location is good, the facilities are up-to-date, the staff is friendly, and the breakfast is great. This is a hotel I want to stay at again next time I go to Rome.

I liked that there was a department store right in front, and I also liked the view of the cathedral outside the window every day.

I came back from Rome yesterday and I already want to go again^^Image

The view from the room window~Image

View from the room window 2 Right in front of the department storeImage

Scenery 3 seen from the room window. Plaza de España can almost be seen. Very close.Image





Breakfast changes slightly every day, but is basically delicious.Image


I booked a triple room on and got 1 double bed, 1 single bed, and 1 sofa bed (5-year-old children are free, 11-year-old children were included in the number of guests, so we were able to get a triple room).Image

Rose petals were sprinkled to commemorate the 11th anniversary.

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