Holidayclub Saariselka Apartments

I stayed there because of the location (large-bedroom apartment), but it was reasonably close to the supermarket and tour operators, and the facilities weren’t bad.
Washing machine laundry detergent is also available.
The Nordic heater works really well so the laundry dries quickly and it’s a little hot.

Even though I went to the accommodation, they didn’t explain the facilities ㅡㅡ
1. To use the sauna, there is a button right next to the machine, so you can operate it and when the stones are warmed up for about 30 minutes, spray water on them and use them.
2. If the fire in the fireplace keeps going out, use it by turning the long iron(?) that sticks out like a faucet in the top left of the picture. We didn’t know, so the fire kept going out and we had a hard time lighting it.Image


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