Frankfurt Premier Inn Frankfurt Westend hotel review

1. Accommodation name: Premier Inn Frankfurt Westend hotelImage




2. Accommodation period: July 19~22

3. Location and transportation: Take trams 16 and 17 across from Jungang Station and take 4 stops.

4. Surrounding environment: very pleasant
– Very safe neighborhood as it is near Messe
– It’s next to the huge Marriott Hotel and on the side of the road, so it’s easy to find even for first-time travelers, and you won’t encounter any homeless or dangerous people along the route from the train station to the accommodation.
– Skyline Pkaza shopping mall is a 7-minute walk away, and there are rewe (supermarkets), DM, etc.

5. Room cost: 180 euros for 3 nights (including city tax)

6. Wi-Fi: Very good

7. Facilities and cleanliness: Because it is a new building, the facilities are clean.

8. Advantages
– Convenient public transportation (tram stop in front of the hotel)
– Air conditioner works great, temperature and wind speed can be adjusted
– The bed mat is firm so your back is comfortable.
– Soundproofing is very good (I thought it was a quiet neighborhood, but when I open the window, I can hear the sound of cars, and when I close the door, it completely blocks it out)

9. Disadvantages
– No refrigerator
– No welcome water (need to purchase bottled water upon arrival)
– The floor is carpeted so it’s a bit dusty.

10. Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Good value for money, so I’m willing to visit again

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