food eaten in italy


CoffeeI had high expectations for this trip as I remember the coffee I enjoyed so much when I came to Rome 20 years ago, but my impression from visiting the famous coffee shop was that there were only a lot of people there, and to be honest, I didn’t feel that the coffee was as delicious as the coffee I get in Korea.

I used to drink Mocha Gold mix, but now that I drink coffee beans, I think my taste buds have become more sophisticated.


GelatoI went with my middle school daughter and ate gelato once a day.

It was fun finding a good gelato restaurant.

But as I was organizing my expenses, I thought, should I have eaten like this?Although it was a bit disappointing, I still leave behind a memorable gelato restaurant.

​Verona Gelateria SAVOIAI had pistachio and lemon and both were delicious.


ROME GIOLITTII ate Rizzo and pistachios, and the pistachios especially had a unique chewy taste.



FoodComing to Italy and finding a good restaurant wasn’t as easy as I thought.

That doesn’t mean it’s not tasty though.

Still, I am posting restaurants that come to mind.

​RomeOld BearI had the truffle lasagna and it was good value for money.


VeronaCappa CafeI had carbonara and salad and it was delicious and the view while eating outside was nice.


​Rome Trieste PizzaI had margherita and burrata pizza, and the small size was just a snack.

I still remember the chewy dough.