[Europe Hotel] If you go to Nerja, definitely come here!!/ This is a review of the Parador de Nerja Hotel in Nerja, Spain :)

This is a review of Parador de Nerja Hotel.
I moved from Barcelona to Nerja, and I highly recommend the hotel haha.
Stayed for 1 night on 10/23-24
The price was 188,152!
This is the hotel entrance.
Even though the weather was cloudy on the first day, it was pretty.
The next day is a big hit!!Image

After checking in, stop by the mart and buy some things.
I ate it on the terrace. This is what the hotel looks like at night!
It’s pretty with the lights on! I woke up in the morning and went out to the terrace.
Sunrise begins!! I’m going to have breakfast later. Lots of bread and various menus~ Breakfast with a view like this… I was really happy ㅠㅠ..♥ Take a walk on the private beach – It was a cloudless day… big… I also had a good time swimming haha Isn’t it really cool?,, The best.
If I get the chance next time, this is a place I want to stay for more than 2 nights!!

I have also provided a detailed review below, so please come and check it out~

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