Disneyland France – Elysée Val d’Europe Hôtel l’Élysée Val d’Europe



There are no photos of the room.
Just a picture of the view taken from the room…

2-night stay in January 2024
Reservation on public website > I got a basic room without breakfast.

Room rate: 175 euros.
Add city tax.
Breakfast 16 euros per person.

The rooms were cheaper than those in Paris and were spacious and comfortable.

Attach a photo of the frequently used Disney shuttle timetable> The timetable varies from month to month, so pick it up when you check in at the hotel.
Across the street from the hotel entrance: Take the shuttle
Hotel entrance: Shuttle drop off
There was an outlet store about a 10-minute walk from the hotel entrance to the end of the shopping mall, so it was easy to go back and forth without using an umbrella on a rainy day.

for 2 nights
Day 1: Departure from Paris in the afternoon.
Outlet shopping.
Day 2: Admission to Disneyland when it opens.
Because it was winter, it was cold and windy around 16:00. We took Uber to the hotel (15 euros), had dinner and rested, then re-entered around 19:00, shopped at the souvenir shop, watched the laser and fireworks, and then took the shuttle to the hotel at 21:15.
21:15 When I boarded the shuttle bus, it was full, so I confirmed boarding with the hotel room key at the shuttle bus entrance.

I am considering a return visit (more than 2 nights).
It is attractive because it is cheaper than Paris.

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