Construction on the road to the Nuevo Bridge observatory in Ronda, Spain (November 22, Wednesday) Review and tapas restaurant recommendations

I went on a day trip to Ronda, Spain.Nuevo BridgeThe road to the observatory was all blocked.​​

I went back and forth and had a complete mental breakdown.I don’t know if the construction is finished now.

Don’t panic like meIf you look at Google Maps, there is another way to go back.It took about 25 minutes, but when I came back to the entrance,

Because I have to go back againTime can be tight.​I was wandering at the entrance and happened toAsk a Korean person who came alone for directions and find the way together.

I took pictures of all 3 viewpoints and took pictures of my life!!

It’s the best ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ🫶🏻I went on a trip alone and had a complete breakdown.

I’m so glad I got help from a kind Korean person 🥹🥹​We even had lunch together.

It was the number one tapas dish I had in Spain!!

Personally, all the other famous places don’t suit my taste.ㅠㅠ

Thanks to my companion, I had a really fun trip to Ronda!!​

The observatory is under construction.

Take your time and goI also recommend a restaurant in Ronda 🧡​ ​​