Colosseum photo spot revealed(?) Additional Giolitti Gelato

I was worried about long-distance flights due to my bad back, but I still received a lot of help from members sharing information, so I alsoI would like to share some good points I felt.

​* TOP 3 good things among the information shared​- Airplane sleep set: A neck pillow, waist cushion, and eye mask are all in one set, so you can endure the round trip more comfortably on long-distance flights.

Oh, and above all, I was able to utilize it well even on a bus tour that lasted at least 2 hours.

​- Rest time: I walked more than 20,000 steps almost every day, and my legs were very tired.

After returning to the accommodation, I took a shower and put the rest time in the refrigerator on the soles of my feet and calves, and there was no other paradise.

​- Necklace wallet: I left my valuables at the accommodation and only carried a travel wallet card + emergency credit card + English driver’s license as an ID card + some cash, so there was absolutely no pickpocketing.

There was zero worry.

​* I’m sharing the information I found out this time.


This is the Colosseum photo spot.

– I want to take pictures with the Colosseum in the background, but the place is crowded with tourists.

First of all, I just took a picture.

The angle of the picture didn’t come out very well.

After looking around and thinking about it all, I found about three places.

(Personal opinion)​First, I will show you a picture.

​ ​​.


Numbers 2, 3, and 1 can be said to be photo spots.

​Then we will reveal the location.



Why number 2 is a hotspot- Not crowded- It is easy to take pictures of not only the Colosseum but also the surrounding sights from up high.

​* I have attached detailed directions on how to get there.

– Get off at the Colosseo subway station, come out through the entrance, turn your back and move a little to the left -> There are stairs going up -> See the photo below.


GIOLITTI- One of the top three gelato places, it’s a very famous place.

– We highly recommend three flavors: watermelon flavor (watermelon), lemon flavor (limone), and rice (rizzo).

– I had one gelato a day haha.

​* You can wait in line, but when you enter the store, the ladies on the left will take your order.

– Order size rather than type of ice cream and pay in cashHere, when I tell her to choose an ice cream cup or cone and a flavor, the lady says something lol.

– After receiving the receipt, move towards the brothers distributing ice cream inside and first select cup or cone -> choose flavor.

– After that, we come out of the store and eat deliciously.


​ I would like to share some simple information with you.

​I’m craving it again.

what is this ice cream.

​By the way.

the big size is 6 euros.

Eat a large one.

I want to eat it again haha.