[best suites pantheon] Hotel right in front of Pantheon

We quickly decided to stay at a hotel near the Pantheon.
When I went there, it was really the Pantheon when I opened the door!!
I was worried because there were no reviews, but it was okay because I didn’t have any expectations.
We stayed 5 nights in a row and were only given 2 bottles of water on the first day.
(No more will be given.)
Rooms are cleaned every day and towels are changed every two days.
We were given plenty of towels each time we changed them.
If you ask for more, I will give you more.
There is no breakfast service, but there is a supermarket and three major coffee shops nearby.
I walked to the Vatican/Colosseum.
Within 30 minutes.
Every morning, I walked back and forth between the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain.
The air conditioner works well too.
It’s not too strong, but just right.
The owner is friendly and even calls a taxi, which is fine.
It is not recommended to go with children, but it is definitely recommended for adults.
The location is incredible.
You can go anywhere.

I was really worried because there weren’t too many reviews, but it’s okay.

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