Ayre Hotel Rosellon (formerly sercotel rosellon)

This trip first started in Barcelona, ​​where I stayed at Plaza Catalunya and visited all the sights.
As I am returning to Korea tomorrow after completing my trip, the purpose of my two-night stay in Barcelona is to see the Sagrada Familia to my heart’s content, and do some minor shopping.
It was these two things.
One thing has been accomplished.



1. Accommodation locationImage

We took the A1 bus from the airport and got off at Plaza Catalunya, and a taxi (using Cabify) cost 8 to a few euros.
For reference, if you take a taxi from the airport to this hotel, you will have to pay more than 40 euros.
Because we have our own budget.

2. Accommodation date
8.22~8.24 2 nights

3. Accommodation fee
307 euros (city tax less than 20 euros for 2 people for 2 nights. 4.9 euros per person per day)

4.Currently stayed room
Room 201

5. Good point
View of Sagrada Familia
There is a minibar refrigerator
2 packs of water provided
You can go up to the rooftop bar at any time and take pictures.
It’s open in the morning too.^^
(Bar is open from 1:30 pm to 11:00 pm)
Since it is a hotel, it has its own amenities.
-This is the first time in my life that I have seen a hotel that provides women’s sanitary products.Image

– This contains 1 sanitary pad, 1 liner, and 1 small tampon.
The bathroom is spacious compared to the size of the room and bed.
The sound of the door opening and closing is not annoying and you can’t hear any noise from other rooms.

6. Bad points
far from the airport
The bed is small (it seems to be queen size.)
To shop, you have to go to Las Ramblas.
the window doesn’t open

Overall review
If you value spending your last night with Sagrada Familia, it’s worth a visit.
The hotel facilities are aging, the location is…


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