Accommodations Loved by Travelers in Onyado Nono Asakusa Hot Spring 2023

Review of Onyado Nono Asakusa Hot Spring

Accommodation Name (Rating): Onyado Nonoya Asakusa Hot Spring
Location: Asakusa
Distance from stations: It takes about 10 minutes from Dawa Ramachi Station, but I’m not sure about Asakusa Station as I haven’t checked the time.
Recommended Score: 5 out of 5
Accommodation Type: Moderate Double Room Non-Smoking
Accommodation Cost: $436.53
Reservation made through: Agoda
Inclusion of Breakfast: Breakfast was not included in the initial reservation, but I added it for the last day during check-in.
Surrounding Atmosphere: It is quiet during the night, and as for the daytime, I’m not sure as there are no specific attractions near the accommodation. However, there are convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants like Sentoji and Daiso nearby.

Accommodation Name (Rating): Onyado NonoyaRecommended Score: 5 out of

Overall Satisfaction: Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the room, but I was extremely satisfied with everything, except for the distance from the train station. The underground hot spring was fantastic, and after a long day of exploring, it was so relaxing to come back and unwind there. In the morning, yogurt was available, and in the evening, ice cream was offered. Although I was too tired in the morning to have the breakfast yogurt, they also had a milk vending machine. The free ramen they served at night was also enjoyable. The room was clean, and fresh towels were provided every day in a basket. Amenities were available on the first floor, and there were also amenities provided in the public bath and the room. The staff were friendly and could communicate in English. I had left my luggage before check-in, and when I asked about it during check-in, they had already taken it to my room, which was very convenient. The breakfast consisted of freshly mashed… something. The taste was slightly off, but overall, it was good. However, there may be a wait during peak dining hours, so I suggest waking up early to have a meal if you have a tight schedule. I went with a friend, and we were both so satisfied that we would consider revisiting if we ever come back. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Asakusa, Onyado Nonoya Asakusa Hot Spring offers a tranquil retreat for travelers seeking comfort and relaxation. With a perfect score of 5 out of 5, this moderate double room accommodation promises a delightful experience. While the distance from the train station may be a slight inconvenience, the hotel’s underground hot spring is truly a highlight, providing a soothing oasis for guests to unwind after a long day of exploring.

Overall Satisfaction: Unfortunately, I didn'tThe underground hot spring was

For those who crave a taste of local cuisine and convenience, the surrounding area offers a variety of options. Near the hotel, you will find convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants including Sentoji and Daiso. These nearby dining establishments provide an opportunity to savor Japanese delicacies and experience the local culinary scene.

For those who crave aNear the hotel, you will

During your stay, be sure to make use of the amenities provided by the hotel. Fresh towels are offered daily, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant stay. Additionally, amenities are available both in the public bath and in the individual rooms, catering to the diverse needs of the guests.

The staff at Onyado Nonoya Asakusa Hot Spring are commended for their English communication skills and friendly demeanor. They go above and beyond to make guests feel at home, even taking care of luggage arrangements. Whether it’s storing luggage before check-in or ensuring seamless delivery to the guest’s room, the attentive staff provide a convenient and hassle-free experience.

If you are a food enthusiast, the hotel’s breakfast offerings are worth mentioning. While breakfast is not included in the initial reservation, it can be added during check-in. Guests have access to a milk vending machine and are treated to freshly mashed… something. Although the taste may be slightly unusual, the overall dining experience is pleasant. It is advisable to plan your dining schedule accordingly, as the breakfast area may experience peak hours and a slight wait could be expected.

When exploring the neighborhood, take the time to visit the nearby tourist attractions. Asakusa is known for its rich cultural heritage, and a prominent landmark is Senso-ji, a famous Buddhist temple with a history dating back over a thousand years. Immerse yourself in the distinct atmosphere of Asakusa by strolling down Nakamise Shopping Street, where you can find traditional crafts, souvenirs, and street food.

For a unique experience, consider taking a scenic boat ride on the Sumida River. This allows you to view the city from a different perspective and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. And if you’re up for some entertainment, catch a traditional Japanese theater performance at the nearby Asakusa Engei Hall.

In summary, Onyado Nonoya Asakusa Hot Spring provides a satisfying stay with its tranquil atmosphere, excellent amenities, and friendly staff. While the distance from the train station may require some planning, the accommodation’s underground hot spring offers a perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. With its convenient location near popular attractions like Senso-ji Temple, Nakamise Shopping Street, and the Sumida River, guests can truly immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Asakusa.