Accommodations Loved by Travelers in Odakyu Century Southern Tower Hotel 2023

Review of Odakyu Century Southern Tower Hotel

Accommodation Name (Rating): Odakyu Century Southern Tower Hotel (4-star)
Location: Near Shinjuku Station
Distance from the station: 5 minutes
My recommended score: ★ ★★★★
Type of accommodation: Twin room
Accommodation cost: Approximately $200 per night (Saturday to Tuesday)
Booking platform: Agoda
Breakfast included: Breakfast not included
Surrounding atmosphere: Right in front of the hotel, there is a high-speed bus terminal and Takashimaya department store.

Accommodation Name (Rating): Odakyu Century $200 per night (Saturday

Overall satisfaction: The view and location are excellent. The staff can communicate in English to some extent, which made it convenient. I mentioned that I wanted a room on a higher floor during the reservation process, and I was assigned a room on the 35th floor (available on floors 21-35). From there, I could see the Skytree in the distance, and Takashimaya department store was right across the street. The hotel is close to Shinjuku Station and the high-speed bus terminal, so it was convenient for going to Disneyland or the airport in the morning. I had concerns about being in a hurry, but I was extremely satisfied with my decision to stay here. The room was spacious and comfortable for the two of us. If I visit Tokyo again, I would definitely consider staying here once more. When staying at the Odakyu Century Southern Tower Hotel, a 4-star accommodation near Shinjuku Station, you’ll find yourself in a prime location with numerous attractions and activities within easy reach. The hotel’s proximity to the station, just a 5-minute walk away, ensures convenient access to various parts of Tokyo. A highly recommended activity for tourists would be to explore the vibrant Shinjuku neighborhood itself.

Overall satisfaction: The view andThe staff can communicate in

Shinjuku is known for its bustling streets, skyscrapers, and vibrant nightlife. Start your exploration by visiting the famous Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a sprawling park that offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. It is particularly beautiful during cherry blossom season in spring and offers a variety of landscapes, including traditional Japanese, English, and French gardens.

For a taste of modern Japanese pop culture, visit Robot Restaurant, a unique and entertaining show featuring colorful robots, dancers, and music. This immersive experience showcases the perfect blend of Japanese eccentricity and innovation. Alternatively, you can explore the nearby Kabukicho district, often referred to as Tokyo’s red-light district. It offers a lively atmosphere with countless bars, clubs, and entertainment establishments.

If you’re interested in shopping, be sure to visit the Takashimaya department store located right in front of the hotel. It offers a wide range of products, from luxury brand items to traditional Japanese crafts. Shinjuku is also home to various shopping streets, including the popular shopping district of Shinjuku 3-chome. Here, you’ll find an extensive selection of fashion boutiques, electronics stores, and souvenir shops.

For a panoramic view of Tokyo, head to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which has two observatories offering breathtaking vistas of the city. The observation decks are free to enter and provide a great opportunity for capturing stunning photographs. Furthermore, the iconic Tokyo Skytree is visible from the hotel’s higher floors. You may consider a visit to this impressive landmark to enjoy spectacular views from its observation decks.

If you’re looking to venture further out, the hotel’s proximity to Shinjuku Station and the high-speed bus terminal makes it convenient to explore other parts of Tokyo. You can easily access popular attractions such as Tokyo Disneyland or even organize day trips to nearby cities.

In conclusion, staying at the Odakyu Century Southern Tower Hotel provides an excellent opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Shinjuku and explore the various nearby attractions. Whether you’re interested in gardens, shopping, nightlife, or stunning city views, this 4-star accommodation offers a convenient base for an unforgettable Tokyo adventure.