Accommodation reviews in Obertraun, Austria

Last August, I moved from Vienna to Obertraun and stayed for 2 days and 1 night.
I stopped by before going to Salzburg.
In Vienna, I traveled by train and bus.
I made a reservation in advance through obb.
I posted detailed reviews, including restaurants, on my blog.


​ Accommodation photos

The room is very small.
One big bed goes in.
There is a table so you can bring food and eat there.
We stayed on the 2nd floor and got a room with a terrace on the 2nd or 3rd floor.
There are also tables on the terrace.

Here, you open and close the door by inserting a real key into the keyhole.

Because it’s by the lake, it’s quiet except for the sound of the train.
However, right next door is a lake park within walking distance.
Many locals came to swim.
I can hear the sound of children swimming and playing since early morning.

I went with a friend this time, and I definitely plan to go back with my kids and stay at least two nights.
It’s a family-friendly environment and the location is perfect.
Swimming and paddling in the lake will stay with me forever.

The lake water was warm and then cold.
The depth is also different.
Kids don’t even do arm tubes, they go diving.
He played really well.

A ferry to Hallstatt leaves in front of the accommodation every hour.
Tickets can be purchased in cash from the crew before boarding the ferry.
I think it took about 20 minutes to get to Hallstatt.
They also sell drinks on the cruise ship. Go up to the second floor and sit at the side table.

Accommodation name:
It is located right in front of the Obertraun cruise ship dock. It also appears on Google as a Hallstatt accommodation, but it is not located in Hallstatt
​ ​
Number of stays:
2 days and 1 night Mid-August 2023
Location (How to get there):
Get off at Obertraun Station and walk for 5-10 minutes.
Around 200,000 won, but may vary depending on the season.
It is cheaper than Hallstatt.
Meals and cooking:
Breakfast costs 15 euros, just ask when checking in.
Cooking is not allowed.
Availability of bathroom (shower room):
Toilet and shower room available
Facilities and cleanliness:
It was remodeled and the bathroom was really clean.
Internal rule:
Since staff are not always present, you must open and close the front door on the first floor of the hotel with a key when checking out.
Friendliness of the staff:
They were friendly and older.
Surrounding environment
: Right in front of the lake.
Surrounded by mountains.
Accommodation right in front of the cruise ship dock to Hallstatt.
There is a lake park next to it, so you can put on a swimsuit and go out for a swim.
No elevator.
It’s a 3-story hotel, but we were on the 2nd floor, and it wasn’t bad for carrying our luggage up.>
Who would like this accommodation?
The room is small so it’s good for 2 people.
If a family of four will stay at Obertraun,
There is a resort behind the lake park.

How would you rate it?
5 out of 5!

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