A review of the Uma House Pau Claris hotel in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

I received a lot of help from wandering members.
I also want to share my experience, so I am leaving a review.


The location is here

It says it’s a 4-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya.
I think it only lasts about 5 to 7 minutes if you cross the traffic light or something.

I think it took about 25 minutes from the airport to the hotel, and the taxi fare was 31.3 euros.
Taxis can arrive right in front of the accommodation.

This is a picture of the front door.Image

There is a courtyard and four stairs.
There is an elevator


The elevator is narrow, so it’s full with 3 people and 3 suitcases.Image

When you check in, a virtual key will be sent to your email.
There was no need to worry about losing it and it was very convenient.
You can also enter by pressing the password instead of the virtual key.Image


This is the first floor public space where the reception is.Image

There are several rooms on one floor.Image

This is the second floor lobby space we used.
I stayed at this hotel for 4 days.
I’ve never seen anyone in the public space.Image

There was a strange smell in the common area.
This isn’t bad, but it’s not good either.
My sister and I had a really hard time with the body odor of Westerners in Spain.
It’s similar to that, but it’s not like body odor.
something we are not familiar with
It feels like air freshener???
You have to take care of this yourself.
There seems to be a lot of difference in likes and dislikes??
I hated it so much
The other family members didn’t mind.

Here are the room photos!

It’s really spacious inside.
I really liked the first impression of the neatly organized room.Image

There is a space next to the main bed with an auxiliary bed separated by a temporary wall.
This room is the perfect size for 3 people.
It’s nice to have my own private space.Image

This is originally a space with a terrace.
I think it was remodeled
Just looking at the picture, wouldn’t it be cold because it’s behind a wall?
I thought
It was rather hot

There was a table and chair across from the bed, so I ate hetbahn for breakfast here.
It’s hard to see in the picture, but is there a nail for hanging a clothesline there?
Because the same thing is stuck
It was easy to hand wash and hang the laundry by attaching a long clothesline to the back of the TV.Image

An electric pot is provided as standard.
There are water cups, tea cups, coffee and tea bags.
As seen in other reviews, there was no refrigerator.
They don’t even give me water

If you ask the receptionist for a microwave, they will tell you the space you can use.
There is a staff-only space in the room next to us.
There’s a microwave, knives, spoons, etc. all prepared there.
You can just say it and use it.

There is a TV and a full-length mirror across from the main bed.
It’s good to check your outfit in the morningImage

There was enough space to hang clothes.Image

One thing that was disappointing was
The shower booth, toilet, and sink are not separated.
Because you can’t use the bathroom if someone is washing.
I almost felt a little uncomfortable
If you go to the common area, there is another bathroom, so you can use it.Image

The shower room was spacious and the sink was the largest compared to other cities.
I liked it very much
Why do Europeans make their sinks so small when they have such large bodies?
While I was washing my face, there was a sea of ​​water everywhere.
It was nice not having to worry about that here.Image

There were many reviews saying that the dryer did not work well.
The wind was very strong and there were no problems.Image

The shower booth, sink, and toilet are all side by side like this.

Are we the only ones in this hotel when we sleep at night?
It was so quiet that I felt like
In the morning, the sound of the door opening next door was loud as if it were the door opening in our room.Image

I think there is a lot of noise between the walls.
I’m so glad it’s quiet when I sleep.Image



They change all the towels every day.
They cleaned up the sheets and the floor very neatly.
I was very satisfied
Barcelona Accommodation
This was a review of Uma House Pau Claris!

I had a really hard time choosing accommodation.
I was very satisfied

The smell was a bit unfamiliar, so I was wondering what it was.
The room was okay

Because it was right on the road, it was safe even when coming in at night.
There is no street noise at all in the room.

Instead, the sound of the door opening next door sounds as loud as the sound of my room door opening.
At first, I was scared because I thought someone was opening the door to my room. My heart was really pounding.
But I don’t think all European hotels have soundproofing.

It is also very close to Plaza Catalunya, the center of Barcelona.
It is very close to the gathering place for the Gaudi tour and Montserrat tour.
The location is really great

If you visit Barcelona again
I 100% intend to use this accommodation again.

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