A 4-week trip to Italy this spring (beware of lots of photos)

I traveled to Italy for almost 4 weeks from April to May.

I went by KLM and the airfare was 770,000 won.

The total cost, including airfare, seems to have been a little over 4 million won.

I’m sensitive when sleeping, so I didn’t go to a hostel and stayed in private rooms.

I used public transportation for all sections.

It was my third time going to Italy, and every time I go, I feel like there are so many things to see in Italy that I don’t feel like I want to go to another country.

History, architecture, food, fashion, scenery.

Maybe I’m lucky, but the people are so friendly and the food is good.

I think the price is not that high and it is the best value for money.

​These are photos taken during a month-long trip to Italy.

I’ll list them in order of travel.


1 night in Rome.

Rome at night was the best.

There were so many people walking around even at night that it didn’t feel dangerous.

There were often people taking pictures on tripods.

It was my third time in Rome and this was the best.


3 nights in Naples.

Naples, where I went to see the statues of Sansevero Cathedral.

It was a city of chaos itself.

It was a neighborhood that had a South American feel.

There were waves of congratulations on the victory everywhere, and Maradona was truly treated like a god.

I just walked around well at night.

Of course, I tried to ensure my own safety, but beyond that, I tend to leave everything to my own luck.

I walked around the city every night, but nothing happened.

Later, I briefly met a Hungarian woman in Tuscany, and she said she almost had her bag stolen at 6 a.


at Naples Central Station.

She just came confidently and strongly resisted the attempt to snatch her bag, and said she didn’t get it stolen with help from those around her.

Is it true that this is a neighborhood where you have to be careful at all times? see.


1 night in Capri.

One night on Capri Island.

It was a beautiful island and I traveled around by bus.

If you are staying more than one night, we recommend purchasing a one-day ticket at the bus ticket booth near the ferry dock.

For a one-time ticket, you only need to get on and off once.

Valid for 90 minutes.

It’s not like this haha.

The only place that sells one-day tickets is the ticket booth at the dock.

All other stops only sell one-time tickets.


Positano~Amalfi 2 nights.

Moving to Amalfi~ I stayed for 3 nights in Azerola, a town above Amalfi.

It was annoying to have to take another bus, but it was quiet and nice because it felt like a mountain town.

It was close to the starting point of God’s Trail, which I posted about previously, and lodging was cheap.

Positano was just better than I expected.

The Walk of God was the highlight.

I also went to Ravello Garden (admission fee approximately 7 euros) and it was just okay.


2 nights in Matera.


​I’ve always wanted to go to Matera!!Be sure to go there.

There’s no comparison to a medieval city or anything like that.

What surprised me about Matera was that it was a very lively city even at night.

There were lots of people and many restaurants open late at night.

The neighborhood itself really has a charm to it.

I still remember the night view I saw while buying snacks and sitting on the wall with a good view.

At some point, Matera seems to be recognized as the province of Apulia among Koreans, but Matera is a city belonging to the province of Basilicata.


1 night at Polignano Amare.

One night at Polignano Amare.

It was a really nice place, perhaps because of the good view from the accommodation.

Even though it was April, the water was beautiful and the beach was pretty.

There were quite a few people swimming.

White people can swim really well even in cold water.


2 nights in Lecce.

Maybe it was because Matera was so intense, but Lecce was just so-so.

The baroque-style buildings were cool, but something was a little disappointing.

I was planning to take a bus to a place called Cave of Poetry, but they said the bus from Lecce to this place only runs from June.


바리 2박.

바리&알베로벨로 여기도 그냥 그랬어요ㅎㅎ레체2박 바리2박이 저에겐 좀 시간낭비였습니다 그냥 지나가다 밥한끼 먹으면서 구시가지만 보면 되는 정도라고 느꼈어요​9.

피렌체 3박.

이탈리아 세번째 방문만에 처음가본 피렌체.

중간에 피사도 들렀구요 볼 만 했습니다 생각보다 많이 기울어져 있었어요.

미켈란젤로 언덕 갔었는데 넘넘 붐비고 계단쪽에 앰프소리 때문에 바로 위에 있는 산미니아토 알몬테 수도원인가 하는 곳에서 야경봤는데 좋았습니다.

두오모는 진짜 크고 멋있었습니다.

돔은 아무리 봐도 저걸 어떻게 올렸을까 싶었어요.

올라가고 싶었지만 예전에 십자인대 다친적이 있는데 그 이후로 계단을 많이 내려오기가 부담스러워서 참았습니다.

밤에도 사람 많아서 잘 돌아다녔구요 위험한 느낌은 전혀 없었어요​10.

아시아노 근방(토스카나 밀밭) 3박.

대망의 토스카나 밀밭~!! 3박했습니다렌터카가 예전보다 비싸져서 대중교통과 도보로 여행했는데 세번 간 것 중에 최고였어요.

제가 쓴 글에 보면 대중교통으로 접근하는 방법 따로 올려져 있으니 참고하시면 됩니다.

세번 다 봄에 갔는데 이탈리아에서 가장 좋아하는 곳입니다.

다섯번째 사진이 숙소였는데 밀밭 한가운데있는 숙소라 너무 좋았구요 숙소 주변 산책이 이번 여행에서 최고의 순간이었습니다.

날씨가 안좋았는데도 행복했습니다.

아그리투리스모에 나폴리 가족들이 여행 오셨었는데 김민재 선수덕에 고기도 얻어 먹었습니다ㅎㅎ 무려 오겹살~외국인이 오겹살 굽는건 처음 봤습니다.

렌터카 없어도 좀 걸으면 사진속에 밀밭 볼 수 있어요~​11.

가르다 호수 2박.

숙소 창 밖 뷰~~.

다음 간 곳은 가르다 호수~북부지방으로 오니 동네가 얼마나 깔끔하고 부티가 나던지ㅋㅋ3박 있었는데 좋았었습니다 첫번째 사진이 제 방 뷰였어요.

자전거 빌려서 타고 다녔는데 비추합니다ㅋㅋ 호수가 너무 넓어 자전거로는 커버가 안되구요 그냥 버스나 탈 걸 후회 했어요ㅎㅎ 저녁에 조용한 곳에서 호수 바라보면서 피자 먹을때 행복했습니다~​12.

베로나 반나절.

베네치아 가는 길에 들렸던 베로나구시가지 통과해서 전망대 올라갔었구요 베로나도 사람 진짜 많았어요 로미오와 줄리엣 집은 입장료 있었는데 밖에서도 그 테라스 보여서 그냥 지나가면서 봤어요ㅎㅎ​13.

베네치아 2박.

마지막 도시였던 베네치아세번째 방문이었지만 그래도 너무 좋았어요아카데미아 다리에서 보는 뷰는 언제나 멋있습니다2박하고 공항으로 이동해서 잘 귀국했습니다​첫번째랑 두번째 갔을때는 저녁은 매일 레스토랑가서 먹고 그랬는데 이번엔 장기여행이라 케밥 자주 먹으면서 비용 많이 절감했구요.

사실 먹는거에 큰 관심이 없어요.

걷는거 좋아해서 어지간하면 걸어다녔습니다.

8개월 전에 계획해서 그런지 항공료도 저렴했고 숙소도 거의 코로나 이전 가격선에서 선방했습니다.

근 4주를 여행하니 너무 좋더라구요ㅎㅎ 기차만 열몇번 탔는데 로마 나폴리 구간 10분 연착한거 빼면 다 정시출발 정시도착이었어요사람들도 너무 친절했고 제가 여행 다닐때 유심칩도 없이 그냥 다녀서 현지인 도움 필요할때가 종종 있는데 다들 나서서 도와주시고 그래서 쉽게 쉽게 여행했습니다.

이전 두번의 여행에서도 친절한 사람들 많이 만났는데 이번에도 그랬어요.

짐이 워낙 없어서 30리터 등산 백팩 하나 가지고 갔구요 신용카드나 트래블 월렛 같은거 안쓰고 그냥 올 현금으로 다 가져가서 백팩 등판쪽 비밀공간에 넣고 필요한 만큼만 지갑에 따로 빼서 자켓 속주머니에 넣고 다니면서 썼습니다.

또 가고 싶어요ㅎㅎ​- 참고로 모든 사진은 갤럭시 23울트라로 찍었습니다(로마야경사진 다 삼각대 없이 손에 들고 찍은 겁니다~)​.