2023 Guide: Stay at Hallstatt Brugasthof

Hallstatt Brugasthof Review

This article is a review of ‘BRÄUGASTHOF’ and includes information about things to enjoy around Hallstatt.

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Basic Information about the Hotel

  • Name of the accommodation: BRÄUGASTHOF
  • Rating:
  • Accommodation cost: The price for a stay at BRÄUGASTHOF is approximately $55 per night, including breakfast (as of 2015).

Location & Accessibility

  • Location: BRÄUGASTHOF is located in Hallstatt, Austria.
  • Distance from station (terminal): BRÄUGASTHOF is easily accessible by taking an OBB train from Vienna to Hallstatt.

Features & Satisfaction of the Accommodation

  • Overall rating:
  • Satisfaction:

Additional Tips & Other Information

  • Pros and Cons of the hotel: Some pros of staying at BRÄUGASTHOF include the experience of staying in an old wooden building and the variety of breakfast options. However, some cons include low ceilings in certain rooms and the fact that the bathroom is located outside the room. The room keys are also old-fashioned and require careful handling.
  • Amenities in the room: The room at BRÄUGASTHOF includes amenities such as a TV, wardrobe, and a hairdryer. However, there is no personal safe available.
  • Special services provided by the hotel:

Attractions near BRÄUGASTHOF

First Recommended Place: Hallstatt Old Town

The first recommended place near BRÄUGASTHOF is the Hallstatt Old Town. This charming town is known for its picturesque views and historic buildings. Take a leisurely stroll along the cobblestone streets and admire the traditional Austrian architecture. Don’t miss the Hallstatt Museum, where you can learn about the town’s rich history and culture. The Hallstatt Old Town is a must-visit for those who want to experience the local vibe and immerse themselves in the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Second Recommended Place: Hallstatt Salt Mine

Another popular attraction near BRÄUGASTHOF is the Hallstatt Salt Mine. Explore the underground world of salt mining and learn about the fascinating history of Hallstatt’s salt industry. Take a guided tour and discover the ancient mining techniques used in the past. Marvel at the stunning underground chambers and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The Hallstatt Salt Mine offers a unique and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Third Recommended Place: Dachstein Ice Cave

If you’re looking for a cool adventure near BRÄUGASTHOF, make sure to visit the Dachstein Ice Cave. Located on the Dachstein Mountain, this natural wonder is a paradise for ice enthusiasts. Explore the beautifully formed ice formations and marvel at the magical blue hues. Guided tours are available to take you through the cave’s icy passages and provide fascinating insights into its geological significance. The Dachstein Ice Cave is a must-see attraction for nature lovers and those seeking an unforgettable experience.